Queen B Zebra rolled beeswax candles

Top left – Poured solid pillar candles with Queen B’s distinctive stamp at the base, top right – gorgeous glass votives, bottom – 9-hr tealights – individually hand-poured from a teapot! (truly!)

You learn a new thing everyday. Last week I learnt that over 95% of candles are made from paraffin – a petroleum by-product. Clearly, I am no expert, but essentially, what this means, is that burning paraffin candles in your home actually emits a teeny tiny toxic emission, much like the emissions that come from a car exhaust! Inside your home!? Shocking!

Sydney-based company Queen B use 100% pure Australian beeswax to make their handmade candles – the highest quality beeswax in the world. Natural beeswax burns completely cleanly – (ie drip-free), and emits no toxic ‘black’ smoke which can stain walls and surfaces, and pollute your home. In fact, burning natural beeswax candles actually purifies the air within your home, through a seemingly magical process of natural ionisation. Amazing!

Queen B makes an amazing variety of beeswax candles… plain or painted, hand-poured or hand-rolled. I am coveting their gorgeous little votive candles… and am also feeling awfully guilty about having a bottom drawer full of IKEA tealights, which I should probably replace quick-smart with Queen B’s 9-hr tealight set!

Of course natural beeswax is a lot more expensive than paraffin, so it can be really difficult to find candle manufacturers who choose to make their candles this way. Queen B is certainly in the minority! Although they’re more expensive, beeswax candles do burn up to ten times longer than their petro-chemical counter parts… and they emit a deliciously subtle honey scent which no amount of artificial perfume could ever match!

Queen B’s best value candles are their simple hand-rolled honeycomb candles. Beautiful.

Oh, and if you’re crafty, Queen B also do lovely candle making supplies… an option which appears to be a lot more cost effective than buying the pre-made variety…? (Assuming you already own an enamel teapot!)

Hmmm… I am now seriously considering making myself 100 x 9-hr tealight candles. Is that crazy? Do I have TIME for another side-project??