Upon a Fold – brand new Sydney-based online store of papery goodness.

Gorgeous little hand-folded hearts which Upon a Fold have been sending out with all their early orders!

From the pop-up book collection…

Awesome little ‘Play More’ notebook from Holland – on the back of each lined page is a printed pattern resembling familiar sports equipment.. so that when you crumple up your note in frustration, it takes on the form of a ball for you to shoot in the closest recycle bin!

Oh my goodness.

Upon a Fold is seriously the most gorgeous brand new Australian online store – specialising in all things PAPER. It is truly the most beautifully curated collection of papergoods – lots of stunning paper products from Japan… just so much papery goodness I can’t even tell you – you have to go see for yourself! It is truly divine.

Upon a Fold realises a life-long dream for Sydney-based graphic designer and paper-lover Justine Fahd. Justine has scoured the globe to source the most brilliant collection of stationery, pop-up books, cards and unique paper gifts and accessories.. as well as a carefully selected collection of publications covering papercraft and Japanese folding techniques… it is such a perfect collection all in one place. I am SO impressed!

The Upon a Fold website is also ridiculously cute, designed of course by Justine, and built by Melbourne based web gurus Inventive Labs.

… and you’ll be pleased to know that Justine has also spent time building a GORGEOUS little blog which is just as delicious as the store… it is really excellent and totally bookmark-able in its own right.

I don’t think I can make it any clearer. Just get over there and check it out! OK?!

‘Jewelgraphy’ diamonds card

Match post-its for bookmarking pages…

Pop-up signed artwork by Dutch paper artist Ingrid Siliakus