The beautiful Melbourne apartment of artist Madeleine Stamer and family - that’s a stunning Mirka Mora print on the wall in the bedroom…

Love this beautiful little collection on the bedroom wall... (also love those pillowcases!)

Sweet details from Madeleine’s bedroom / studio! Bottom right – gorgeous trinkets on the bedside table, I spy a gorgeous Betty Jo brooch in the mix! Bottom left – a collage/print by Melbourne’s Beci Orpin… and behind it a print by everyone’s favourite papercut genius Rob Ryan!

One of Madeleine’s prints hangs on the hallway wall – LOVE it… also a work in progress on her desk…

details details…

Hallway entrance

Omigod. Get ready for some SERIOUS Melbourne-Home eye candy. It doesn’t get much better than this!

This is the gorgeous home of talented artist, illustrator and TDF favourite Madeleine Stamer (of Little Circus Design), her partner Karl (of Kings Way fame) and their 2 ridiculously cute kids Wilhelmina (aka Minnie) and Ada!

This super creative young family live in a fab deco 3 bedroom apartment in Melbourne’s Elsternwick… it’s not a huge family home, but it is just such a wonderfully warm and welcoming space, and so full of incredible art and creative touches! Of course Madeleine’s beautiful work hangs in almost every room… but she’s also an avid collector of Aboriginal art and works on paper by friends and other artists she admires.

As usual, my visit to Madeleine’s home consisted of me running around the house with my camera, mouth open, gasping and gushing…”OMG is that a Rob Ryan/Beci Orpin print…!?”, ‘where did you get that stunning jug/artwork/piece of furniture!?’ etc, whilst losing my lens cap at least 6 times and forgetting what I was saying mid-sentence. What can I say? I am easily excited!

Madeleine was wonderfully patient and answered all my questions… and she even baked me chocolate cake! How lovely is that!? Thanks so much Madeleine!

Madeleine’s artwork looks even more beautiful in person than in does in these pics… please do pop over and browse the stunning collection of prints available online here!

ps) also don’t forget to visit Madeleine’s little blog! – she just wrote the sweetest post in which I am described as ‘majestically tall’! Awesome! (tall, moi? 5ft 7″ I think…? No Amazonian… but thanks for your super lovely words Madeleine!)

Light and bright kitchen, looking onto the gardenartwork on the wall by Madeleine

Chocolate cake by Madeleine!

Details in the TV room / kitchen – Top large black/white Aboriginal painting by Mitjili Napurrula, bottom-left painting in the kitchen is Madeleine’s, bottom right paintings are early ceramic panels by Madeleine’s friend Irene Grishin Selzer (aka iggy & loulou).

One of Madeleine’s stunning acrylic mobiles hangs in the TV room… these were made for Madeleine’s Three of a Kind Exhibition (with Beci Orpin and Irene Grishin Selzer) and were recently featured on Design*Sponge! Nice one! :) You can buy them here.

OMG Minnie’s bedroom is little girl’s heaven. Another Madeleine Stamer painting on the wall…

Cannot get enough of Minnie’s bedroom, clearly…

But then there’s Ada’s bedroom! Equally perfect in every way!! Marimekko fabric panel above the mantle, colourful Aboriginal painting above the cot is by Betty Mbitjana (Minnie Pwerle’s daughter).

Lovely details in Ada’s room

More gorgeousness in Ada’s room, including another Madeleine Stamer original on the wall…

OH we appear to be back in the TV room! That’s a stunning vintage poster by Bjorn Wiinblad in the frame up top… bottom left is Vintage Arabia enamel heart bowl and pitcher, picked up on Ebay… score!

Gorgeous leafy courtyard garden…

Three three ladies of the house – Madeleine, Wilhelmina (on the right) and little Ada wondering what on earth is going on :) Thanks so much for having me!