Bright and cheery kitchen in the North Carlton home of architects James and Victoria, and baby Louis!

James and Victoria’s have such a beautiful collection of original artwork. Top image – Prints by Charles Blackman on the left, George Baldessin on the right. Bottom image – Framed artwork – collage by Joanna Ruchel, painting on the right by Walankura Napanangka, Bird sculpture in the centre by John.V.Babui (Ngaruwana Jirri Inc. Nguiu, Bathurst Island).

Prints, as credited above, by Charles Blackman and George Baldessin. Victoria’s treasured basket with woven feathers, made by Tjanpi desert weavers, artist unknown.

Oooh I am super excited about today’s Melbourne Home! How effortlessly lovely is it? This is the apartment of my dear friends James and Victoria – young architects with a brand new little bub in their lives! Little Louis is only a few months old, but this young family already seem so relaxed and at ease in their gorgeous little 2-bedroom apartment in leafy North Carlton. When I visited recently Louis gurgled so happily on his back in the loungeroom, flashing me endless gummy smiles whilst I chatted to Vic and dashed about with my camera! It seems Victoria and James have slipped so comfortably into their new roles… and Louis is such an enviably smiley and gorgeous baby! I hope I get one that cute!

James and Victoria’s place is light-filled and faces North, with views across North Carlton’s beautiful Victorian rooftops. The pair designed and managed the recent interior renovation themselves, and seem to have done something quite magical with the limited space… I guess you would have to say this is a ‘small’ home – but truthfully, once inside, there is just something very clever going on that really makes this compact little apartment feel generous and roomy! I think it may have something to do with that brilliant fixed table / bench which links the kitchen and living areas. It is a really clever, slick layout which has a kind of Japanese-ness about it… I could just imagine a family in Tokyo living in these minimal surrounds, perfectly finished with sleek, warm timber cabinetry and clever storage tucked into every nook!

Thankyou so much to James and Victoria for letting me share these shots of their beautiful home… And thanks also Victoria for the delectable cake you made me when I visited! Man… If I keep getting homemade cake every time I visit a new home… I think my health may seriously suffer this year! (But it was soooooo tasty!).

Top image – painting on left by Tatali Napurrula, print on right by Mary Anne Purlta.

Brazilian sculpture of the favelas by an unknown artist (this one belongs to Victoria’s friend Alice . but seems to have found a happy home in Victoria’s study nook!)

LOVE this study nook… Such an elegant use of space. Where is the clutter in this home? Seriously. Where!?

Oooh the obligatory extreme wide angle real-estate agent shot… just to give you a proper idea of the layout!

Clever storage and lovely details

Love the red butterfly chair… and of course that fabulous view across North Carlton! It’s so pretty – even on a rainy day…

Main bedroom – painting by Adam Lee.

Custom cabinetry follows through in the bathroom… love how it floats off the floor like that. Nothing like a shadow-line to get me excited :)