Georgia Fields poster by Luci Everett

Georgia Fields album artwork by Luci Everett

Some more recent posts by Luci… oooohh my. So lovely.

Oooh the very clever Melbourne-based Luci Everett has been up to her usual graphic magic. Check out these lovely new band posters and album cover art…! So pretty. How good is that Alice-in-Wonderland house of cards business going on up there…?

Nice work! Pop over to Luci’s website for lots more lovely recent work.

(Do you remember Luci? Of course you do! I first blogged about her last year here… She has a lovely little blog here, and she is one half of the fabulous We Make Words project, along with other TDF fave, Amy Borrell!)

ps) Shamefully, I don’t know who this Georgia Fields person is – but I am seriously thinking I need to find out… If the posters are this good, the music must be heavenly!