Inside Out March/April 2010, Cover image by Wichmann +Bendtsen, Styling by Gitte Kjaer.

‘Neighbourhood Watch’ story for Inside Out – words/production Megan Morton, photos by John Laurie, styling by me.

Oh my. My first ever editorial styling job has finally hit the shelves….! ‘Scuse me while I squeeaal in excitement!

Of course it is in the wonderful Inside Out…. who I love to death and who have been super kind enough to plug The Design Files more than once in this issue! I am truly grateful to all the lovelies at Inside Out, and to the ever-fabulous Megan Morton for producing the stories I worked on, and to brilliant John Laurie who could seriously make any place look amazing with or without a stylist’s help! :)

ALSO in case you are not well over hearing about me (totally understandable!), Inside Out’s super lovely Lee Tran has just posted an interview with me over on the Inside Out blog! She has such lovely things to say… meanwhile I just ramble on about taxidermied animals or something… :) Anyway, would love your thoughts guys! Pop on over and check it out! x

Another little story we shot for Inside Out with TDF fave Nicholas Jones… photos by John Laurie, styling by me.