‘Chaiseburger’ stacked beanbag by John and Linda Meyers (seen in their own fabulous loungeroom!)

Brooklyn apartment styled by Wary Meyers – love their handpainted radiator!

Awesome marshmallow window installation for Anthropologie – 9 windows, 15,000 marshmallows! Concept and installation by Wary Meyers.

More marshmallows…

And again.

Re-purposed French Dresser by Wary Meyers, including sketches from their Tossed and Found book

John Meyers

Linda Meyers in her fabulous walk in ‘closet’ (pic from Domino)

Wary Meyers studio – with handpainted canoe!

Linda and John Meyers = Wary Meyers Decorative Arts, a US-based Husband and wife team who design and create the most incredible variety of artistic projects including paintings, interiors, illustration, design and soft sculpture. (Before they formed their business in 2004, Linda was a graphic designer and art director, and John was the Corporate Display Director for Anthropologie!)

They have had lots of press in the US for their fantastic and often very wacky creative projects… but I must admit it was Kirra Jamison who introduced me to this incredible creative duo when she mentioned them in her TDF interview earlier this month…! Thanks Kirra!

Interior design (and custom re-purposed lampshades) by Wary Meyers Decorative Arts

Wary Meyers are perhaps best known recently for their Tossed and Found column in TimeOut New York, in which this supremely clever couple take the ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ mantra to a new level, re-purposing junk into amazing furniture and homewares truly unlike anything you’ve ever seen! The pair have recently written a book documenting all these amazing creations – Tossed and Found – Unconventional Design from Cast Offs.

ps) The Meyers’ own home in Maine is seriously AWESOME and was featured in Domino Magazine a while back… (see pics below). Also, they also have a really great blog.

Linda and John Meyer’s home as featured in Domino Magazine

Custom floor painting