Last year’s Christmas party in the park, styled by me and my dearest super-talented friend Gavin Youngs!

The fabulous Shelley from Galerie Montmartre has been posting a fantastic little series on her blog this month called ‘My Christmas’, in which she asks a brilliant group of local creative ladies (and bloggers!) how they spend Christmas, and was the season means to them. It’s been so lovely getting swept up in the Christmas spirit of so many awesome ladies – including Pip Lincolne, jewellery designer Dearne Herrenberg, graphic designer and tireless organiser of the Creative Women’s Circle - Tess McCabe, and the lovely blogger/mama and loyal TDF reader Captain KK!

And today it’s my turn! I am so touched by the kind words in Shelley’s sweet intro… but mainly, it’s worth checking it out if you wanna see me, aged two, dressed up as a Christmas tree. Agghh! I may never live this down! ha!

Thankyou Shelley for your patience and the lovely words – you are too sweet!! x