Baker D. Chirico’s CBD outpost – truly 100% AWESOME. (and how gorgeous are the sales girls?! – I am allowed to say that ’cause I know them :)

Teeny tiny delectable baked goods

The problem with being a generally enthusiastic person, is that when something really, truly, INSANELY awesome comes along… it’s kind of difficult to distinguish it from everything else you usually rave about.

So I want to make this totally crystal clear – Baker D. Chirico’s new pop-up outpost in the CBD is truly, 100% utterly brilliant!

- Delectably decadent, teeny-tiny baked treats? – Check.
- Fantastic picture-perfect interior fit-out? – Check.
- Bespoke wallpaper by uber-cool local designer (Misha Hollenbach of Perks and Mini) – Check.
- Obligatory super-cute sales girls (wearing fab custom printed aprons, also by PAM) – Check.

What more could anyone possibly want in a bakery?

You really must check this one out asap – I PROMISE you won’t be disappointed!

Baker D. Chirico pop-up shop
24 Crossley st


Open everyday 10.00am – 7.00pm – until Christmas eve!

Fabulous bespoke wallpaper by Misha Hollenbach of Perks and Mini – Baker’s famous macaroons fly like comets through the starry night sky… genius!