Melbourne’s newest boutique hotel – The Cullen

Did you know that Melbourne has a new designer boutique hotel? Must admit this one kind of crept up on me… I had heard whispers… but didn’t realise The Cullen opened this month!

The Cullen
is a $48 million(!!), 115-room hotel, and is the first in a series of six proposed Art Series Hotels – a $300 million hotel group conceived by property developer Will Deague. Each hotel is inspired by and named after a prominent Australian Artist – The Cullen takes its name and inspiration from artist Adam Cullen.

Adam Cullen is one of Australia’s most collectible artists, and is best known for winning the Archibald prize in 2000 with a portrait of David Wenham. Seven of Cullen’s large-scale artworks grace the walls of the hotel foyer, other works and digital prints feature elsewhere in the hotel, and glass screens in each room are watermarked with Cullen’s drawings. Each room also features designer details including Kartell ghost chairs and glossy design book! And apparently the hotel also has bikes and smart cars decorated with Cullen’s work for guests to hire. Ooh la la!

Well I must say, I think Melbourne is sorely lacking in the boutiqe hotel department. Although I am not sure if a 6-storey, 115 room hotel counts as ’boutique’. Anyway, it looks pretty snazzy, and it doesn’t seem too expensive. It’ll be interesting to see how the other 5 Art Series Hotels unfold. Next in line is The Olsen in South Yarra, named after celebrated painter John Olsen, which is due to open its doors in March.