Super beautiful things for sale in the brand new Safari Living online store! (Very reasonable prices I promise!). Loove the Missoni blankets a LOT. And those stunning glass Alvar Aalto vases… especially that beautiful dusty aubergine colour pictured here…

I feel a little guilty… I seem to be spending an awful lot of my time blogging about new and exciting ways to spend your hard-earned money! I’m sorry! What can I say? I like…. things! Especially new things. And when you seem to be the only person in Melbourne WORKING on a PUBLIC HOLIDAY… it’s nice to know you can shop local from your desk :)

SO, if you happen to be at work today… (and even if you’re not…) I hereby give you permission to go spend some money at Safari Living‘s brand new online store!

Nothing could quite compete with the gorgeousness of actually visiting the beautiful Safari Living Prahran East store in person. But this comes dangerously close. :) Dangerous being the operative word.

More Safari Living online things :)