Spence and Lyda… so so gorgeous always. But especially this weekend! Look at those flowers. Lovely.

Artist Lisa Hoelzl paints a beautiful cacti-inspired mural on the Spence and Lyda windows during Saturday in Design.

So, Saturday in Design was on in Sydney this weekend… and you know I loved last year’s event in Melbourne so so much… so I figured I should check out the Sydney version this year. But, I must admit I was a little teeny tiny bit disappointed :(

Don’t get me wrong – there was lots to see, and as usual each participating showroom made a huge effort to entertain, with product launches, beautiful custom displays and installations, catering, drinks and coffee… but… it just lacked some kind of buzz! I just couldn’t help but compare to last year’s fantastic efforts and atmosphere – remember Format Furniture’s amazing red tulips? Now that was special! Also, the shuttle buses between venues this year were much less reliable than in previous years – there never seemed to be one when I needed one, so I found myself walking and cabbing the whole day. Blah.

ANYWAY you know me, I still found some fabulous things to get excited about :) My favourite showrooms were Spence and Lyda, Ke-Zu and Hub… and the coveted Design Files best catering award (!!) this year goes to Schiavello! Hee. Nothing like a mini-hamburger to get me excited.

Enjoy the eye-candy below!

More Spence and Lyda gorgeousness. Missoni rugs. Stunning.

Spence and Lyda – Hooray for well behaved kids! ( And Nintendo DS).

Spence and Lyda again – have you ever seen more beautiful colours?

Spence and Lyda close-ups

Spence and Lyda – Crazy giant floral Missoni rugs. Almost wrong… but so, so right! Swoon.

Schiavello – Joost-inspired installations (not sure if these are his or not?)… and these couches seem almost Le Corbusier LC2-esque to me…? But not quite as nice. ;)

Schiavello food. Mmmm.

Living Edge was bustling…. love the kooky Moet cork mini-furniture competition! Crazy but good.

Crowd pleasers.

New stuff at Living Edge! HOW good is the new Airia desk by Kaiju Studios for Herman Miller? It was turning a lot of heads… such a cute shape.

LaunchPad at Living Edge. Crazy cute lamp – Porcini Canopy by Jaquie Hagan and Madeleine Potter of Memake. Fantastic Flintstones-esque 3-legged tables – PegLeg by Tomek Archer or Tomahawk Studios.

More Launchpad at Living Edge – United Stool by Kristian Aus of Autumn Products, and ATTA Coffee Table by Nicholas Cairns.

Very kooky little video project about sustainability in design called One Thing I’ve Learnt… hilarious! Check it out online here!

Ke-Zu had some great stuff and made a real effort withe installation / display…

Ke-Zu child labour! ha, no not really… but it was a bit cute to have a 10 year old manning the lift to the second floor… and then his another little helper scanning visitors in at the entrance! Hope they got some good pocket money for their efforts!

Ke-Zu fabulous lights.

Jardan. Love that leather floor cushion.

Jardan - still loving that new cabinet, ever since seeing it at the Design Market in Melbourne last week.

Hub. I love this light to death. TO DEATH.

Hub – Am completely obsessed with Patricia Urquiola’s Shanghai Tip sofas. Beautiful. Also Hub’s accessories and ceramics… always stunning. And actually mostly quite reaosnably priced.

More Hub accessories… love.

Hub sweet treats… and gorgeous glassware.

Stylecraft was popping with people early at 10.30am! Fab installations… freshly squeezed juice… And a chair giveaway too!

Nice to see a bit of green at Mico.

Poliform is better in Melbourne actually…. but still all the gorgeous usual suspects on show.

Poliform details – love the indoor plants and those eco-biodgradeable plates! Fab.

Poliform details – origami animals and Boris Becker books? What a combination!