The living room, with an original Featherston chair – one of four collected by Shelley and Stephan over the years.

Eames rocker and Vintage poster scroll

It’s been a while… but I’m trying to get back on track with the Melbourne Homes! Today I feel very lucky to share some shots of the beautiful home of Shelley and Stephan Trbuhovich of Galerie Montmartre.

I never would have met Shelley and Stephan if it weren’t for this blog. We first crossed paths nearly a year ago when I profiled their gorgeous shop in Fitzroy… (how time flies!). Since then Galerie Montmartre has been so incredibly supportive of The Design Files, and I am so grateful not just for their support of the blog, but also for their friendship and endless encouragement! Whenever I need a bit of a confidence boost I know Shelley will always give me an instant pep-up! (Hey, everyone needs a cheersquad once in a while!).

Shelley and Stephan’s house in Clifton Hill is such a warm, welcoming family home, dotted with retro-inspired details that reflect the passions of its owners. It’s filled with collections of beautiful old things – Shelley’s vintage ceramic vase collection, Stephan’s 1950′s bakelite radios and vintage sodastreams (is that what’s they’re called?)… and of course, a stunning array of French vintage posters! All this mixed up with the occasional newer ‘must have’ piece (such as Shelley’s Eames rocker) makes for a home that is stylish yet modest and unpretentious, and filled with the unmistakeable energy and personality of its occupants!

Thanks so much to Shelley and Stephan for letting me loose in their house with my camera!

ps) Shelley has a lovely blog here! Do visit and say hello!

Vintage golf numbers? I think? Also I love the beaten up leather armchairs (on rockers!)

The latest poster acquisition has pride of place in the master bedroom! Love that deep white frame against the mushroomy-cloured wall!

Bedroom details - including a gorgeous polka-dot print by by Melbourne-based Christina Gordon.

Emile’s bedroom. Love that cot!!!

vintage details in Emile’s room.

Mali’s bedroom

Love Mali’s French Vintage Poster (top image!). Another print by Christina Gordon is below… (Thanks for reminding me!)

Mali’s vintage industrial toy shelves

Mali looks at Dinosaurs!

Shelley’s favourite poster! (and yes, another Featherston!)