Seven Seeds in Carlton strikes the perfect balance between super-cool and utterly unpretentious.

I visited Seven Seeds the first time a couple of weeks ago with my dear beautiful friend Nina M. Nina has impeccable taste in most things – but especially when it comes to coffee and food, and she swears by anything and everything Melbourne hospitality veteran Mark Dundon puts his name to!

Mr Dundon’s previous highly successful projects include Ray in Brunswick, St Ali in South Melbourne (before they changed hands and started that crazy showy coffee-siphoning thing…!), and arguably the CBD’s best coffee shop – Brother Baba Budan. Suffice to say, Mr Dundon seriously knows his coffee – and it particularly adept at knocking up wicked lunch/coffee spots in the most unlikely industrial spaces!

But the best thing about Seven Seeds (and all of Dundon’s previous establishments), is that the coffee, the food, and the service is utterly faultless everytime – YET, the atmosphere is completely unpretentious. No fuss, no fanfare (and no raised eyebrows when I order my usual weak coffee!) – just perfect coffee and delicious, simple food in a relaxed yet very stylish environment. It’s a rare and beautiful thing.

Avocado and Fetta on (Dench) toast never tasted so good. Seriously.

Seven Seeds is located down a non-descript laneway in a strange pocket of Carlton between Melbourne Uni and the CBD. I wanted to keep it a secret, because it is so fabulously good.. but seeing as it’s already been on Three Thousand I figure it’s common knowlege already!

Do yourself a favour and GO VISIT before Mark and business partner Bridget Amor sell up and move onto the next project…!

Beautiful Nina snoops into the coffee grinding room! It is HUGE and takes up half the warehouse!

ps) Melbourne Gastronome has reviewed Seven Seeds here (and shares some more great photos)

Seven Seeds
114 Berkeley st


Monday – Saturday 7.00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 8.30am – 4.00pm