Can you believe that the super famous Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn NYC was on this weekend whilst I am here!?? What amazing luck. I had no idea! I remember reading about Renegade years ago when I first started reading American craft and design blogs (my early favourites included my paper crane and boygirlparty!) It always seemed like such an awesome event! …and then I just happened to find myself reading a free ‘what’s on in Brooklyn’ magazine last week and RENEGADE jumped off the page – yaaaay!

Here are my highlights from the 2-day craft extravaganza! There was so much great stuff to see… and I even spotted a few craftsters whose blogs I am familiar with! (But was a little star-struck when I spotted Laura Normandin at her stall…! So I didn’t say hello :( Silly silly.) Anyway, it was just another reminder that the world is so small when you’re a blogger!

Must apologise to my poor fella who was so patient (but very bored!) whilst I oohed and ahhed over all the handmade goodies, made friends with lots of lovely craftsters and photographed to my heart’s content! Thanks Gord!

This stall belongs to talented creative duo Something’s Hiding in Here – Melbourne readers may recognise those fabulous hand carved moustaches from Penelope Durston‘s gorgeous shop – Cottage Industry in Fitzroy!? A brief chat with the stall holders revealed that Cottage Industry is their first international stockist! Good work Pene!

Something’s Hiding in Here have a gorgeous blog which you should totally bookmark. Also do you remember this gorgeous little project which also belongs to them? Super cute and super clever.

Illustrated paper goods by Anna Bond of Rifle Design

OMG. Totally obsessed with Anna Bond‘s beautiful detailed illustrations. She creates ridiculously cute custom-designed wedding invites and party favours, as well as beautiful little gift cards and recipe cards under the name Rifle Design… so gorgeous. See more below. AND you must visit her blog and website for more (bigger and better) images. TOTALLY GORGEOUS. Worth a click I promise.

Illustrated paper goods by Anna Bond of Rifle Design

Illustrated paper goods by Anna Bond of Rifle Design

Screenprinted posters by Jen Skelley and Nate Duval

I was really impressed with these beautiful hand-screenprinted posters by illustrators Jen Skelley and her partner Nate Duval… Aren’t they gorgeous? Beautiful colours… and such amazing variety. Such good value too. This really is affordable art! I was so tempted… but was a bit scared they might get squashed in my suitcase :(

Screenprinted posters by Jen Skelley and Nate Duval
Handmade ceramics by Brooklyn-based Perch Design

Handmade ceramics by Brooklyn-based Perch Design… who also apparently stock a shop in Western Australia!? Any other Australian retailers interested should get in touch! These pieces are beautiful… love the perforated tealight holders.

Handcrafted timber home accessories by Kindling

Timber home accessories by Kindling. Love the faceted shapes… and also the little birch picture / placecard holders. Cuteness.

More Etsy-love!

Bumped into the lovely Christina Batch-Lee again, manning the Etsy stall (so sorry didn’t catch her colleague’s name… whoops). They gave me a free tote bag! So lovely!

Beautiful delicate ceramics by Chicago-based artist Susan Dwyer (her label is called Up in the Air Somewhere). How gorgeous is their stand!? They went to a lot of effort! Susan’s website has much better shots of her beautiful work – be sure to check it out!