top – protected garden nestled between two tall buildings in the East Village (I think?), bottom – cascading planter outside a shop in Nolita.

Fort Greene, Brooklyn at dusk. LOVE the beautiful Brownstone buildings and leafy trees lining every street in this beautiful pocket of Brooklyn.

Did you know in New York City in the Springtime, there is lush, green foliage absolutely everywhere? Who would’ve thought a big dusty city like this would be so full of beautiful plant life… creeping for metres up building facades and spilling from so many windowsills?

Everyone seems to make a real effort to maintain their mini-gardens on window-ledges, and entrance ‘stoops’(?) – and it seems volunteers even pitch in at various community gardens on vacant blocks all over town.

Immaculate window boxes in the Upper East Side. Love those white / green hydrangeas especially.

Upper East Side – ivy-covered building and Japanese maple.