Luci Everett’s album cover design for Melbourne band 16 Millimetre

Various Melbourne gig posters by Luci
Album artwork for Luke Watt

Heeeey! Hope you had a lovely Easter. How good is a four-day-weekend?! Awesome.

I am still running a little slow after 4 sleepy days, so I figure I might as well start where I left off last week…!

Luci Everett is one half of We Make Words… she’s a young Melbourne graphic designer and the work in her folio is so beautiful. I love the tactile, collaged elements especially… and the delicate sketchy lines of her illustration.

Even though I already posted about We Make Words last week, After looking at her work, I thought Luci really needed a post of her own!

Luci also has a wee blog here.

Various Melbourne gig posters by Luci
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