This cute little drawstring bag, designed by Grace Lee, comes free with the May/June issue of Inside Out

A weird thing happened last week. Inside Out sent me a press-release. Well… not an actual press-release… more of a generalised ‘hey, we love your blog… thought you might like to check this out’ email, referring to the gorgeous little draw-string bag freebie attached to the May/June issue of the mag.

It is a particularly cute little bag… and definitely the best freebie I’ve seen stuck to a magazine cover in the last few years. It’s also designed by Inside Out’s Grace Lee, and produced in Australia by Apple & Bee, which makes it extra special.

But the whole mail-out thing does seem like a peculiar role-reversal… I feel like it should be me asking Inside Out for a plug, rather than the other way around!

Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyway, you guys know I need no encouragement to sing the praises of Inside Out. It’s one of my absolute favourite Australian mags, and aside from the gorgeous little free gift, this is a great issue as always. Some of my favourite pages below.

Photos from the stunning home of Spanish Jewellery designer Helena Rohner. Photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer at Sisters Agency.

More from Helena Rohner‘s home… I really love the intricate patterned floor tiles… so brave and so effective.

Shots from the Melbourne home of Anton Assaad, founder of Great Dane Furniture. Photos by Sharyn Cairns, Styling Glen Proebstel.

More from the home of Anton Assaad

This shot by Sam McAdam, styled by Glen Proebstel. Beautiful, bright space… love the windows and that vintage UK propaganda poster.

ps) If anyone at Inside Out is reading… can I have a column?!! Now that would make me excited! x