Real Living ’5 secrets’ page – Photo by Tim James. Double click for a larger view.

Ohhh I’m blushing as I post this… but thought I should share… This is me in Real Living magazine’s April issue (out today)! Their regular ’5 secrets’ section is all about trade secrets…. so this is a bit of a round-up of things I’ve learnt in my wacky job. Nothing ground breaking really, but you know – it was fun! Hee! :) Also featured are my fave vintage Eames dining chairs, an oversized toadstool (which you can hire from The Prop Store in Melbourne next time you have a party!), and my trusty cordless drill.

Thanks to the beautiful Nina M for her personal styling / clothes lending services before this shoot! Thanks also to Clair Wayman and co for calming my nerves and making the shoot relaxed and super-fun!

In real life I don’t have cross-eyes. At least, I don’t think I do…?