Marije Vogelzang’s first book, Eat Love, is finally here. Don’t you love the colour palette, layout… patterns… texture.. everything?

It’s arrived!

If you read this blog often you will know about my love for Dutch ‘Eating Designer’ Marije Vogelzang… and of course my general love for Dutch design, and specifically designers from the Design Academy Eindhoven. YES full points to you for loyal readership if you’re yawning and thinking ‘yeah, yeah, I know!’

Anywaaaay.. I preordered Ms Vogelzang’s highly anticipated first book, entitled Eat Love, back in December. And, clearly, it arrived this week!

Oh man. It is so good. The layout, the colour palette, the photos, the ideas, the styling, the kooky illustrations (by Marije herself)… aahhhh so inspiring!

You need this book. Grab a copy here.

…’turn your child into a green monster or a hedgehog’…!

‘don’t cry honey…have some broccoli’…