We buy your kids is a Sydney-based creative team who make incredible illustrations, then put them on things like band posters, websites, walls, and more recently, a JEEP. Apparently the WBYK team is made up of 2 people called Sonny Day and Biddy Maroney. I am not sure if I believe this, as they both sound like cartoon character names to me….

Band posters by WBKY – more here

Anyway, I liiiiiike their stuff a lot. I also like their very entertaining musings which can be read in the ‘news’ section of their website. For instance, I learnt that in a recent review in Computer Arts China magazine, their work was described as ‘harsh majical’ and ‘fresh as fish in restaurant’. Nice!

Wall art for the Beach Road Hotel in NSW – a collaboration with Ben Frost and On The Fly.

Artwork by Biddy Maroney, which formed the basis of some pretty wicked window installations for Mecca Cosmetica at Myer in Melbourne and Sydney.

cutest wedding invite ever.