I was so excited to receive the latest issue of Design Quarterly in my mailbox last week – because this issue contains 2 articles written by me!

Last year when I was writing for the Melbourne International Design Festival Blog I met some lovely Melbourne design types including Kate Hannaford of Moth Design, prolific curator and Artichoke Magazine editor Kate Rhodes, and Alice Blackwood – formerly of The National Design Centre, and now editor of Design Quarterly!

It was so great to meet all these inspiring young women doing great things in the Australian design industry… and it also opened up some incredible opportunities for me… I’ve since contributed to both DQ and Artichoke Magazine, and hope to do more editorial work this year.

Design Quarterly Volume 32 features a profile I wrote about Melbourne design duo Pandarosa, and I also contributed a feature article about Design Blogs. I am a little self conscious about the writing – it’s been edited a little by the mag and there are some bits now that I look back on and wish I had worded more carefully…!

Annnyyyway… check it out… but be kind! I’m getting better ;)

(if you click on the image below, it’ll blow up just big enough to be able to read the text…)

Title page of my Design Blogs article in Design Quarterly this month

Pandarosa article

Another great article in this issue forecasting the next design trends (a collaboration with international trend forecasting company Promostyl) Don’t cha just love those Elke Kramer pendants? I have an interview coming up soon with Ms Kramer actually…