Portrait of independent artist / writer / musician / filmmaker / curator Aaron Rose at his home in Silverlake, LA by Todd Selby.

I think it’s possible I haven’t yet blogged about The Selby…? Have I?

The Selby is the amazing photo-blog / website of New Yorker Todd Selby. He mainly photographs interesting creative people in their homes and studio spaces. Almost everyone he photographs has(have?) multiple job descriptions, ie ‘stylist / illustrator’, ‘ film director / DJ’ and ‘student / artist / musician’ etc. I get the feeling Mr Selby mixes in all the right circles.

However, it does makes me feel a bit better about being a props buyer / set dresser / stylist / writer. :) (…constantly dreading the ‘what do you do?’ question)

These from the home of NY-based artist Ian Hundley (who makes incredible quilted maps).

The home of Erin Wasson (model / multi-tasker)

…these shots look so much better in a larger format… check out The Selby for much bigger pics :)