from Jean Jullien’s ‘don’t protest‘ visual essay

Sometimes I feel I need to strike a better balance on this site between real-life content (that I go out and see and photograph and report back on), and reportage on exciting internet discoveries, new blogs etc that I stumble across. It seems important to me to generate original, real-life content… but then again I always like to follow a bit of a link-trail too sometimes… hmmm. Must figure that one out.

In the spirit of internet discoveries and blogging second-hand news once in a while(!), check out this lovely ‘don’t protest’ visual essay by young London-based designer Jean Jullien…. love it! If you’ve got a second, his website is very much worth a browse.

via Summer of the wonderful Design in Mine, who is so good at collating the very best blog news, internet finds and filtering the most stunning collection of Flickr photos.