Shelley and Stephan of Galerie Montmartre in Fitzroy

I have been getting lots of emails recently from Melbourne retailers and suppliers inviting me to visit their showrooms… it makes me feel very special and sure beats rocking up unannounced and trying to convince people to let me take some photos!

My latest outing was to the beautiful Galerie Montmartre in Fitzroy. I’ve been meaning to feature these guys for ages… so when Shelley sent me a note recently asking me to pop by it was the perfect excuse to get my act together and finally pay them a visit!

Galerie Montmartre is owned by the gorgeous and super-friendly Shelley and Stephan Trbuhovich. They are truly the loveliest couple – as soon as I walked through the door we were chatting and laughing like old friends! They made me feel so welcome and answered all my nosy questions without any hesitation!

Stephan’s love of vintage posters started back in 1995, whilst the pair were living in San Francisco. His interest was sparked quite by accident, after he noticed some posters hanging in a cafe. He began doing some research, made a few personal purchases, and before long, the pair began buying posters to sell. In 1999 they moved to New York to pursue their interest, and began gathering a bit of a following. It was here that they planned to take the plunge and move the business to Melbourne. In 2001 they made the move – they bought up big in the US, shipped everything back home, and set up their online shop.

For a long time Galerie Montmartre operated as wholesale business – stocking Melbourne shops (such as the fabulous Tarlo and Graham), and selling direct to local architects and designers. But in 2007, despite the cautionary warnings of friends(!), they finally made the move into retail – and I’m so glad they did! Their showroom just off Brunswick st in Fitzroy is just stunning… all white walls, industrial windows and a gorgeous timber pitched roof – the perfect backdrop for their striking range of bold, graphic prints.

And I know I’m waffling… but just before I sign off, there are some important things you should know about the posters at Galerie Montmartre. All of their beautiful prints are original, sourced by Stephan from Europe and America. There’s no reproduction going on here! Some of the more expensive posters are extremely rare, and when they run out… they run out. This means buying an original vintage poster from Galerie Montmartre is an investment, just like buying original artwork. Just in case you needed any further encouragement.

Check out the photos, then pay them a visit!

Galerie Montmartre
rear 197b Brunswick st (enter via Moor st)

03 9486 8686

Stephan tries to look busy at the counter while I snap away…

In addition to the large collection of posters on display, the airy Galerie Montmartre warehouse space is filled with quirky collectables and beautiful industrial furniture. Love that aged leather armchair under the window…

colourful vintage ceramic jugs line the shelves just outside the showroom office