Hotel du Département [government headquarters] in Hauts-de-Seine, France
Marché des Halles in Avignon

In case you missed it, the incredible green-thumbed Patrick Blanc (of ‘Vertical Garden’ fame) is coming to Melbourne. It would be highly unlikely that anyone could have missed this actually, as his visit is getting more publicity than you’d expect if the Pope were coming to town. (Although, I for one, am waaaay more excited about Monsieur Blanc’s imminent arrival than I would be about a Papal visit).

Patrick Blanc’s incredible soil-less, sustainable and often permanent Vertical Gardens are famous for injecting biodiversity into built-up environments across the globe. The results are always spectacular.

We’re very lucky that someone clever at the Melbourne International Design Festival (or, probably more likely, someone clever from the Melbourne Central marketing dept.) has coaxed Mr Blanc out here, and that the Melbourne CBD will host one of his incredible installations. Melbourne Central will proudly display a living, breathing vertical garden from July 17.

Also The National Design Centre is hosting a lecture with Patrick Blanc on Friday July 18 at Fed Square as part of the festival. Tickets are only $10 – so book early!

ps) There’s a great article with more info on Patrick Blanc’s incredible work at PingMag here. (all images here from PingMag)

‘organic wallpaper’ in a private home