Claire Nereim’s ‘forever’ calendar (ie no dates) screen-printed on recycled paper. Available on Etsy.

I bookmarked the website of designer and artist Claire Nereim a week or more ago now… I wish I could remember how I stumbled across her site… anyway…. she does lovely drawings, illustrations and screenprints… Her screenprinted posters are particularly lovely. If I had to summarise her aesthetic in 5 words they would be :

- retro
- thoughtful
- playful
- restrained
- clean

Let me know if you agree :)

A variety of Claire Nereim’s screenprinted posters – I love these! They remind me of old paperback covers from the 60′s or something. Really restrained and carefully composed.

Another ‘forever’ calendar with no dates – hand-printed on recycled paper. Sold out

I think my favourite thing is that her work is so un-fussy, and not over-done as is the case with so much graphic work these days. Also her fantastic sense of colour and the mix of muted and vibrant hues is really unique I think. Stunning stuff.