This is a first for The Design Files, but I have a theme in mind for this week’s posts – and its all about ‘affordable’ art. I have noticed a lot of interest recently in this idea – and although ‘affordable’ is a very broad (and subjective!) term, I think it’s worth featuring artists and artworks that are accessible even to those of us on a budget! (and really, who isn’t?). So I hope you’ll forgive the generalisations… and that you’ll enjoy a week of articles about researching, buying and collecting original art for your own home. Here’s what I’m looking forward to:

- a two-part interview with Melbourne art consultant Sophie McNeur, who offers her valuable advice on buying and displaying original artwork, and shares her own shortlist of emerging Australian artists to keep an eye on!
- a little round up of online galleries offering limited edition prints, original works on paper and photographs at very reasonable prices.
- a look at one of the very first artist/bloggers I ever bookmarked many moons ago when I first discovered the amazing world of blogs… I still love her work and hope you will too!