My friend Rob Molnar is a fellow props buyer / set dresser… we’ve worked together on a few shows now and I’ve learnt a lot from him :) He’s always full of great ideas and I am constantly inspired by his endless enthusiasm and energy. The one thing that sets him apart is that he’s really good at actually putting his grand plans in practice! (I need to take a leaf out of that book!)

Anyway Rob’s prop hunting skills have come in very handy recently for an exciting new venture… he and his girlfriend Caroline have just opened a fantastic new stall at Chapel St Bazaar!

Chapel st Bazaar in Prahran has always been a treasure trove of kooky vintage furniture, homewares, clothes, accessories, fabric, nik naks etc etc, but Rob and Caroline are injecting a bit of new energy into the place with their gorgeous collection of industrial furniture and homewares. They spent their summer trawling Victoria sourcing a great collection of pieces… I don’t know where they found them all (and Rob isn’t telling!) but suffice to say their efforts have paid off! These guys have left no stone unturned, and the results speak for themselves.

Next time you’re in the area, check out stall #2 at Chapel st Bazaar… you won’t be dissappointed! Also currently Rob and Caroline have a fantastic window display set up to catch all the passers by… it’ll be there until after Easter – or until the pieces are sold out! (Photo below)

HOW CUTE is that collection of coloured children’s chairs? aaaggh.

Stall # 2, Chapel St Bazaar
217 Chapel St, Prahran
Open 7 days, 10am to 6pm

ps) Rob and Caroline also hire out their pieces for stylists and set dressers :)