Please forgive the hurriedness(?) of this post… My laptop is in mac hospital and I have been without it for a few days now… it died last week and I may have lost lots of recent work.. and a fair bit of blog stuff :( Anyway, the motto of the story is BACK UP your hard drive! I was lucky I backed up maybe 2 months ago? So it’s bad but not awful.

Anyway I have limited access to the internet until tomorrow when hopefully my laptop will be all shiny and happy with a new hard drive… soooo that’s my excuse for a quick, short post. Sorry! All will be back to normal tomorrow (fingers crossed!)

I don’t know exactly what Proef is… But here’s what I gather – a ‘food design’ company based in Amsterdam and headed up by Marije Vogelzang.. she’s a kind of eccentric food designer who does crazy food-based events, installations, artworks, collaborations… things like printing people’s meals at a dinner party with odd statements in edible ink… making a ‘ham man’ installation(!)… making an entire feast of all blue food.. etc etc… it looks like a crazy, very experimental and super-fun place to work. That’s all I know for now! Will research more tomorrow… meantime look at the fun photos on their blog and try to decipher the Dutch (there’s some English too!)