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CAPI’s Sparkling New HQ

Waaaaaay back in 2014 (which feels like an eon ago) we ran a sweet ‘Family’ feature on the ever-inspiring Folk family. This was our first introductiohn to Pitzy Folk, the hospitality entrepreneur behind MAP Coffee and CAPI. (And also, proud Dad to Saskia and Lucy Folk)

At the time, CAPI was fast becoming a household name, and the business was based out of a sprawling headquarters in South Melbourne, complete with impressive veggie patch lovingly tended to by Anne, Pitzy’s partner.

WELL. Pitzy doesn’t sit still for long. His latest project is an inspired refurbishment of a 1930’s building in Windsor – CAPI’s new headquarters. We visited the space yesterday and, to be perfectly honest, it completely knocked our socks off.

Comprising 1,400-square-metres of office space, the three level building previously housed Telstra – complete with sad carpet tiles, low ceilings, and flimsy lightweight walls. Though it was in a sad state, Pitzy immediately saw the potential of this iconic red brick edifice.

The refurbishment was undertaken with renowned interior designer (and family friend of the Folk family) Tamsin Johnson, whose distinctive hallmarks are clearly evident throughout the space.

Tamsin spent months removing ad-hoc additions to reveal the beautiful bones of the building, including a stunning four-and-a-half-metre ceiling and 20 refurbished original steel frame windows. The resulting space balances bright white interiors with black steel windows, rough, textural details, and an eclectic edit of furniture, lighting and artwork, including vintage pieces alongside custom wall-mounted lighting by Melbourne designer Anna Charlesworth.

The space is also home to Pitzy’s extensive art collection, including key works by Bill Henson, Joshua Yeldham, Brendan Huntley, and Saskia Folk (Pitzy’s daughter).

In addition to housing CAPI, the building will also host various other creative small businesses. Under the banner of Folk Investments, Pitzy has invested in various start-ups throughout his career, and his new building will serve as an incubator hub for those businesses he is involved with. One of these companies is Yume, a wholesale marketplace for surplus food, which was founded by Katy Barfield, previously of Secondbite.

‘It’s very much a community of shared spaces,’ Pitzy explains. ‘We wanted to encourage interaction between the various businesses housed in the headquarters, so there are many open plan lounge spaces, meeting rooms and an open plan kitchen’. Jenny (the amazing in-house chef) also cooks lunch for everyone, and there is always something baking in the industrial kitchen!

Much like everything Pitzy turns his hand to – this latest project combines his passions for hospitality, food, and community. Aside from being an elegant synthesis of Pitzy’s personal passions and various creative endeavours, this is truly collaborative space, with generosity and creativity at its core.

Type of space –

Refurbished 1930’s Office Building.

Size of space –

Building has a 800-square-metre footprint, and 1,400-square-metres of office space.

Number of employees –

25 at CAPI, plus other offices within the space.

Designers / Contractors

Tamsin Johnson, alongside Pitzy’s own project manager.

Pop back tomorrow afternoon for a closer look at the Lucy Folk HQ and showroom which also occupy this incredible building!