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Top Ten Australian Homes of 2016 · Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 2nd January 2017

West Australia featured highly in our Australian Homes section in 2016, thanks to a bunch of talented contributors we are lucky to work with, who are our eyes and ears in Perth and Fremantle!

The home of architects Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong of CODA, brought to us by WA based stylist Anna Flanders and photographer Angelita Bonetti, was your favourite West Australian home of 2016. Today we revisit this creative, art-filled family home in Fremantle.

The Fremantle home of Emma Williamson and Kieran Wong, the husband and wife team behind CODA architectural practice, was a hugely popular story when we first ran these pictures back in March last year! You guys really responded to the bold, creative details here – lots of love for the plywood panelling, the in-built shelving, and those dramatic dark black / grey interiors.

Emma and Kieran designed their house together, with Emma even acting as builder for the project. Since moving in around 18 months ago, the pair have enjoyed furnishing the space with much loved vintage furniture finds and artwork collected over many years.

It’s been an interesting journey for Emma and Kieran, acting as their own clients, and experiencing first hand how their design decisions have influenced the way the space is used by their family. ‘We have really enjoyed so many things about the house – which is lucky, since we designed it!’ Emma says!

For the full story and many more photos of Emma and Kieran’s home, do pop back and revisit the original post!

Emma at home. Marble vase on coffee table from Willow and the Bowerbird in East Fremantle. Artworks from left by Jeremy Kirwan-Ward, Mitjili, Trevor Vickers, and Tony Nathan. Styling – Anna Flanders. Photo – Angelita Bonetti for The Design Files.

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