Rachel Castle – Things To Do with Castle Bedlinen

by Jenny Butler
Monday 23rd April 2012

Today we welcome Rachel Castle to the Guest Blog! Lucy and I are super excited that Rachel will be sharing a week of ‘Things To Do’ at Castle HQ!  Castle really is an amazing place, and we’re thrilled to get a little peek behind the scenes. We’re starting the week with a closer look at Castle Bedlinen. – Jenny x

Fellow bloggers, good morning! I am an e-tailer who works from home selling bedlinen and various bits and bobs that I make, including screen prints and felt artworks. I love the internet. I love music. I love magazines. I love TV. I love any form of pop culture and my work is inspired almost solely by it. I loved it as a kid and I love it as an adult, like a pop culture cougar. Nice.

My guest blog will concentrate each day on one of the 5 main areas I work on. Today let’s start with bedlinen.

Thing to do #1

Monday excites me no end. I always wear my best clothes on Monday. Bedlinen is good for Monday because like any great love affair, my relationship with bedlinen has its highs and lows peppered with points of adoration and anxiety and despair and hope all in one. Monday is a good day to be clear headed on it all.

About half of all the Castle business is bedlinen. I am developing a new range of velvet quilt covers for sale around the end of May. I personally FREEEEEZE in winter so for lovers of warm this one is for you! Velvet both sides, in combinations of baby blue /yellow, and watermelon/yellow.  Left side of the bed one color, the right another, divided by a white heavy cross stitch so it all works back with the existing white cottons. Trying to get some gold in there somehow… will work on that today. Love velvet, love its color and feel and it washes and tumbles like a dream with no shrinkage at all. Here is our ‘sticky taped to the wall’ storyboard.

Last week we did a shoot with Shop Til You Drop for kids. Here is a pic they will feature with the velvet single quilt in their April edition, on sale May 7. Look at that spunky kid, go Lucky!

Check out that new Castle velvet quilt cover – fantastic!!

Thing to do #2

Call from Nadia one of our printers in Melbourne, we need to get the Mahon & Band screens finalised for our new pillowcases. David Band was an old friend who passed away last year. We had talked for years, at length, about doing some products together but never got around to it. Today I will phone David’s partner Fiona Mahon to talk about the final sizes and colors for the artwork she and David designed together a little while ago which we are making into pillowcases. Here are the designs…. we have decided to do the plane in the grey, train in the blue, angel in yellow, and the butterfly in fluro orange.

Mahon & Band designed pillowcases for Castle

Thing to do #3

So with winter bedlinen seriously sorted today I need to think about summer. We love our current spots and flowers, but its time for a new addition. So I am thinking this gorgeous little tree print. I did a screen print of it late last year and everyone really loves it…. here is the print and  some colors I will brief into the printer today for summer. Watch this space.

Love a 3 Leaf Clover screen print – available from Castle

New Castle print patterns

Thing to do #4

Sort out the children, they are tired and hungry.  Oh and have a watch of this, she is just the best dancer ever.

Janelle Monáe – Tightrope

Rachel x

by Jenny Butler
Monday 23rd April 2012


  • Megan 5 years ago

    Oh pop culture courgar! In your colorful honor I am cooking he family hot breakfast (even with wilted spinach as a side) instead iof usual bowls of just Right. A whole week of your ridiculousness and lines like ‘ pop culture cougar’, I almost can’t wait!! Love MM

  • Annie 5 years ago

    Thanks for sharing!! Always great to hear what creatives have on their plate!

  • Briar Stanley 5 years ago

    Love the velvet quilt cover Rachel (big time on the wish list now) – and that you are guest blogger this week. Yay! x

  • Indra King 5 years ago

    VELVET quilt cover?! Oh. My. Lord. I must have it!

  • beci 5 years ago

    so excited to see ms.castle on the guest blog. and yes – that velvet quilt cover! amaze!

  • Harriet 5 years ago

    Was feeling pretty drab, and now am tapping my feet and feeling like I should embrace the Monday. Awesome guest post, LF & RC!
    PS – I love velvet too but husband feels it’s the textural equivalent of nails down a blackboard. It’s his ultimate flaw.

  • Miss Polly 5 years ago

    So excited about your velvet range I have a mountain of velvet squirreled away for just this purpose but the chance of me ever making such a delight is nil.

  • jane frosh stylist 5 years ago

    velvet quilt cover?! Could there be ANYTHING better than that?! JF

  • Kate 5 years ago

    Castle you make my heart sing!!

  • MARIA VILLA 5 years ago

    Rachel Sunshine, you always rock my castle! Always putting an smile on people’s faces. You very colourfull soul! MV

  • Jen 5 years ago

    I love feeling like a polka dotted fly on the wall of Rachel’s studio. More more more!!!

  • Fraser 5 years ago

    Lovely stuff Mrs C. Think I may need some velvet Watermelon later in November for some Big Bogans birthday. You make my marriage soooo much easier.

  • Selby 5 years ago

    Lovely peekaboo at your process! Thanks:)

  • kylie T 5 years ago

    oooh Rachel, such a big fan of yours – love your work and that shot for Real Living is to die for! I am so excited to read about your insight every day this week – thank you and thank you Design Files

  • lindsey clare 4 years ago

    Yay! I do love Castle, and Rachel your guest posts have been lots of fun to read. So colourful! So funny!

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