Today we take a walk with Amy to her shaded fernery at the bottom of the Wunderplant garden. Gathering a beautiful selection of greenery and adding in a splice of colour, today’s posy is perfect as a gift for your valentine today or any other day of the year too! -Jenny x

Sometimes it’s the vessel and its placement that tells you what it wants. The white marble and glass bottles just screamed Crystal Palace! The stumbling across this lovely old coffee pot, it told me – take a trip to the bottom of the garden to the shaded fernery.

Silver Elm, Maidenhair Ferns, Staghorn Ferns and some blue/purple Plumbago!

From the arching antler shaped  fronds of the staghorn, to the soft delicate details of the maidenhair; ferns give a fabulous array of interesting contrasts to work with.

I adore the cascading effect of the fern fronds and speckled foliage of the Elm in this little posy. As always with a Wunderplant posy, there is a little twist- Plumbago! With its garden naivety and ‘nanna’ blue colouring, its a perfect introduction into the mix. So simple.

- Amy x