David Pottinger x TDF Open House !

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 21st November 2011

Stunning new vessels by David Pottinger – in YELLOW especially for The Design Files Open House!

You may remember my interview with incredible ceramicist David Pottinger earlier this year… it sure was a popular one!  I have been such a huge fan of David’s work ever since that studio visit –  such beautiful muted colours and painstakingly detailed patterns… he’s one exceptionally talented craftsman.

As you know David’s stunning vessels created using the Japanese neriage technique are highly collectable, and are usually exhibited and sold as fine art rather than as functional vessels.  HOWEVER, this year David has also been experimenting with bowls and beakers created specifically with a retail pricepoint in mind. These new vessels are thrown on the wheel, making them much easier to produce in quantity and at an affordable price.

I am INSANELY excited to let you know that David has been roped in to produce a limited number of these new vessels in two new colourways especially for The Design Files Open House!  Specifically, we asked David to make us some brand new bowls and beakers in YELLOW!  SO truly gorgeous.  David is usually more of a muted / neutrals man… so we thank him for humouring us with such girly colour combinations.  You’ll also notice the chalky pink and white bowls below, which are equally delicious, and remind me of strawberries and cream.  In fact, if you ate strawberries and cream  in these bowls it would be totally camoflaged.

Anyway we thought David deserved an extra special mention today for creating this beautiful new work especially for TDF Open House!  He has created only 8 of each bowl and 18 beakers in total.  Super special.

New bowls by David Pottinger, available at The Design Files Open House (in just over a WEEK – aagh!)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 21st November 2011


  • Pippa 4 years ago

    These works are so lovely and what a treat for us DF devotee’s. I really enjoy the pottery posts and look forward to coming to the open house :)

  • gluten free gift 4 years ago

    These are beautiful (I am a real bowl junkie with an eclectic collection!) I just clicked on the earlier interview and was blown away by David’s work. So delicate and refined. Thank you so much for sharing – I love this blog!!!

  • Gabriela 4 years ago

    ohh! beautiful!

  • Hupi at Home 4 years ago

    Love these, especially that lovely lemon colour :)

  • deb 4 years ago

    LOVE them!!!

  • Lan 4 years ago

    bidding war!

  • Lydia 3 years ago

    So beautiful~~

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