Armadillo&Co in India – Day with our Local School Kids

by Jenny Butler
Friday 1st April 2011

A great big thank you to Jodie [and Sally!] for taking us on a journey to India and letting us experience life behind the scenes of Armadillo&Co. It has been an inspiring and  interesting week seeing how the rugs come together and also the talented people behind them. Today we visit one of the local schools that Armadillo&Co support through  ‘Care & Fair’ – Jenny x

An important part of our work is about giving back and working in harmony with the communities in which we are involved.  One of our most joyous days of our trip is always visiting and spending the day with the local school which we support.

We work closely with ‘Care & Fair’, which is an initiative against illegal child labour in the carpet production industry in India, Nepal and Pakistan. We are ardent supporters and vocal advocates of this cause. Absolutely no child labour is in any way employed in our rug making.

At Armadillo&Co, we voluntarily collaborate with this vitally important organization. We are consciously active when it comes to community involvement, and happily contribute financially to local education. Our most recent and very rewarding project was purchasing play equipment for a local school and now ongoing support for the committed and amazing teachers at this school.

When purchasing any rug or carpet made in India, look for the ‘KALEEN’ label. Issued by the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India, it guarantees that child labour was not used in manufacture. Naturally, all of our rugs made in India carry this label.

- Jodie x

by Jenny Butler
Friday 1st April 2011


  • Carla 4 years ago

    Thank you for highlighting how important it is to know that weavers and their families are not exploited by companies in the west wanting to make a larger profit. When it comes time for me to purchase a rug, I will buy one of yours! Keep up the good work.

  • Margie 4 years ago

    so great that there are tangible benefits to the people who make your products… Too often it’s lip service that’s paid to these issues… And who would know? It’s extremely difficult as a consumer/specifier to find out the facts from many companies dealing with India, or many other countries for whom labour is one of very few exports… Thanks for keeping us in the loop. By the way, I have one of your gorgeous Bholu throws on my bed and it’s a lovely thing to sleep under each night…

  • Sarah 4 years ago

    Thank you Jodie for such a great week of posts. Design and fair trade is dear to my heart and you have created such a perfect combination. You are truly an inspiration and have built something that many people can aspire to.

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