Tractor Home – Heartworks giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 24th March 2011

Heartworks hand embroidered bear and cushion from Tractor Home

WELL I certainly hope you’re not sick of extravagant giveaways…. because we have another pearler for you today!  Today’s beautiful prize has been generously offered from the lovely folks at Tractor Home, who I have previously blogged here and here.  Mandy Munro and family travel to Africa regularly to source her incredible range of handmade homewares and accessories… and these stunning embroidered pieces from Heartworks Stitching Club in Cape Town are one of her most popular finds!  Each piece is embroidered and appliqued completely by hand in a  free form ‘design-as-you-go’ kinda way, ensuring no two designs are ever exactly the same.  This inspiring initiative now employs and empowers many local women in Cape Town – you can learn a little more about Heartworks here.

I love the sweet embroidered heart cushion… but also how GORGEOUS is the bear!  A very smart and utterly unique gift for any new bub! (Sadly no photo could ever do these guys justice… truly they are even more beautiful and detailed in person!).

You can check out these stunning pieces in person at either Safari Living or After in Melbourne, or if in Sydney try I ran the wrong way in Surry Hills.  HOWEVER if you’re lucky, you might be making friends with these guys as early as next week!  You could win the very handsome pair pictured above (embroidered bear and large heart cushion) simply by leaving a comment on this post today! A winner will be selected at random and contacted by email tomorrow.  Yippee!

Huge thanks to Mandy at Tractor Home for this super gorgeous giveaway… do share the love by popping over to the Tractor Home website to check out her full range of beautiful handcrafted pieces!

*UPDATE – thanks so much for all your comments!  The winner has now been drawn – comment #197 was randomly selected.  Congratulations to Stephanie Darling, enjoy your Heartworks embroidered bear and heart cushion!! Thank you again to Tractor Home for such a lovely giveaway!!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 24th March 2011


  • kristy 6 years ago

    love love love them!

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    Oh yes please, you are both very welcome in the Stamer’s home and will be MUCH loved.
    What a precious giveaway xox

  • Grace 6 years ago

    aww so colorful and happy. Please count me in!

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    How delicious. So talented

  • Mary 6 years ago

    Gorgeous and so cheerful! Would love to see these in my home.

  • Toni 6 years ago

    Beautiful and colourful, these pieces look to be made with love.
    My baby girl (8 months old) would find the colours eye popping, and the texture of the stitches, lovely to touch. Lovely!!

  • Shakira 6 years ago

    Totally brighten up my gloomy Thursday morn :)

  • Jessamy 6 years ago

    Super pretty!

  • sally 6 years ago

    Gorgeous stuff, such beautiful embroidery, love to enjoy them more!

  • Lala 6 years ago

    Truly stunning work! There is something about the colour combinations and the embroidery skill that brings such a human touch to these pieces which could never have been replicated in a manufactured setting. Thank you so much for the introduction to this wonderful company which supports so many wonderful artists.

  • ValentinaBlossom 6 years ago

    I love them! The heart is perfect!
    I’m such a fan of embroidery (I’m even starting lessons!), so this would be the perfect gift.


  • Ginta 6 years ago

    So sweet! So beautiful! That bear is incredible!

  • Toni 6 years ago

    So GORGEOUS. The embroidery is beautiful.

  • Lisa Di Crescenzo 6 years ago

    Oh, exquisite! I have just the perfect two little people in mind for these embroidered treasures. Thank you Design Files.

  • Jill 6 years ago

    Utterly gorgeous! I know a 14 month old (and his mum) who would swoon over them. I want them!

  • Jiah 6 years ago

    Wow! Such a gorgeous prize.

  • Sarah B 6 years ago

    Gorgeous! I’ll be crossing my fingers for these little beauties!

  • Beautiful embroidery! That cushion would look lovely in my daughter’s room. Fingers crossed!

  • Elisha 6 years ago

    I heart the beautiful heartworks cushions. They would have a loving home here.

  • sarah 6 years ago

    Beautiful work,very talented artists.

  • kat chadwick 6 years ago

    mmm…so cute. my 2 wee nieces would LOVE them!! xkat

  • Sam Saye 6 years ago

    I LOVE the bear!!! Im not usually into bears, but he is V cute and stylin :) Beautiful handiwork.

  • Gen 6 years ago

    these both look beautiful are very much desired.

  • Chris 6 years ago

    Count me in, fabulous colours!

  • Hat 6 years ago

    Possibly the most exciting TDF giveaway ever (and that’s saying something!) Love Tractor Designs.

  • rachel 6 years ago

    great to see some colour on this rainy Hobart morning…

  • gracia 6 years ago

    Such a handsome pair. Those vibrant hues! Please add my name to the hat, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

    Good luck to all, (though I’m hoping it’s me… this giveaway is fantastically brilliant)

  • louise 6 years ago

    Adding my name too. What great work. Truly delightful, I say.

  • Leila Sanderson 6 years ago

    Oh yes please – my brothers pregnant so that would be a perfect gift!!

  • Gloria 6 years ago

    I loved this little bear and heard… I have always loved embroidery and this are beautiful unique pieces!!

  • Louise 6 years ago

    I absolutely love reading your blog every day, and this is such a gorgeous giveaway, thank you! I have my fingers crossed :) xo

  • victoria McKenzie 6 years ago

    too gorgeous x

  • Romany 6 years ago

    Wow how gorgeous – I know the perfect place for these little beauties!

  • sandra 6 years ago

    PLEASE!!! can i win this time!

  • daisy 6 years ago

    i cant believe the detail in them! love the happy colours, they make me smile.

  • Ange 6 years ago

    My mornings start with a cup of tea and reading your blog – inspired every time! Today I went on a trip to Africa, thanks :)

  • mimi la sardine 6 years ago

    stunning & unique!

  • Evie Gough 6 years ago

    Yummy :)

  • Olivia 6 years ago

    Both beautiful! Especially love the sweet colours on the cushion :)

  • Monika 6 years ago

    Oh Wow they are beautiful and would be perfect for my new baby that will arrive in July. Fingers crossed. x

  • Jo 6 years ago

    Love the colours and would love these in my home!

  • Amanda R 6 years ago

    yes please

  • Brenda Nash 6 years ago

    So gorgeous – I’d love to give the Teddy to my friend’s new baby…

  • Katie Jayne 6 years ago

    they are so beautiful! A perfect treasure to be past down the generations!! :)

  • Lu Horn 6 years ago

    Wonderful, unique and helps out the people who create them in Cape Town, lovely give away.

  • Melissa 6 years ago

    Really Gorgeous!!! Love x

  • Jasmine 6 years ago

    never too old for a teddy…or love :)

  • Maree 6 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Mummageorge 6 years ago

    My first ever nephew or niece would love them to death. Due to be born soon.

  • Bev 6 years ago

    The people from Cape Town are so talented, the bear is absolutely amazing, he would fit into our home so well as would the cushion. Will have to pay a visit to tractor home.

  • Katie Alleva 6 years ago

    My baby is due soon and these are just gorgeous for baby………..xx

  • Clare 6 years ago

    Perfect for my soon to be born baby’s colourful nursery.

  • msd 6 years ago

    My friend is having a baby any day now and the beautiful bear would be perfect.

  • Emma 6 years ago

    Love love love !!! Perfect splash of colour for a very grey/black/white home !!

  • Lee 6 years ago

    oooo … sister in law about to deliver third baby and has everything under the sun already. … but not these!! Perfect!

  • Alison 6 years ago

    Gorgeous, so good to see work on the Design Files all the way from the Heartworks Stitching Club

  • Lou 6 years ago

    Too cute – and so much detail !

  • Monique 6 years ago

    absolutely divine, gorgeous!

  • Laura 6 years ago

    Oh they’re spectacular! What gorgeous treasures. Please count me in for the giveaway.

  • I love those heart cushions so much – so so so lovely! Yay for an awesome giveaway!

  • gb 6 years ago

    social entrepreneur and gorgeous.

  • Margie 6 years ago

    so lovely…

  • Frankie Sunshine 6 years ago

    Ah-maze-ing stuff. Absolutely lovely!

  • deborah Cooke 6 years ago

    Not only are they completely and utterly gorgeous, Mandy Munro and her team are showing the world how a single group of people can make a difference. Bravo!

  • Jessie 6 years ago

    So colourful and beautiful, and empowering women… I don’t think it can possibly get much better than that!!

  • Carmen 6 years ago

    These make me happy!

  • Angela Ciavarella 6 years ago

    Oh. Em. Gee. I loooooooooooooooove it!! I want it!!!!

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    i love them! Pick meeeee!!

  • kay wooff 6 years ago

    fabulous give aways as usual,gorgeous.I will give them a good home

  • Jaclyn 6 years ago

    love this!

  • Tracy 6 years ago

    I have to go and buy one of those heart cushions. What a great way to help local artists.

  • erin 6 years ago

    Beautiful! The detailing is stunning. Love them.

  • Kim 6 years ago

    Amazing! How pretty and inventive!

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    Oh, that bear! I love it! Such beautiful embroidery work!

  • Amy 6 years ago

    Love love love…please thank you please thank you

  • Timoli 6 years ago

    i don’t know who would love them more….. me or the kids??

  • Nicole 6 years ago

    Put’s an instant smile on my face! Such beautiful detailing and colours used.

  • Megan Ikin 6 years ago

    Ooh how gorgeous!! Would absolutely love these, fingers crossed x x

  • Emily McNamara 6 years ago

    I love these, they would look so good on my couch!

  • Kaspia 6 years ago

    These are absoutley gorgeous, amazing design with their heart in the right place! Thanks for sharing the beauty…

  • Skye Jefferys 6 years ago

    i’m feeling lucky today… and if I don’t win, I’m heading to After to purchase!

  • elise 6 years ago

    LOve Heart!

  • Talia 6 years ago

    So sweet!

  • Jackie 6 years ago

    I’m surrounded by friends who’ve just had babies or just about to – these would be just perfect as a gift

  • Bianca 6 years ago

    These are just stunning, my 20 month daughter would adore the teddy bear, but I think I would snavel the heart cushion for my bed!

  • miranda 6 years ago

    Ahh yes, my son would go nuts over Mr.Ted!

  • Claire D 6 years ago

    My new nephew would love the bear. The heart I would keep for me!

  • Lynda 6 years ago

    just gorgeous, would love the giveaway

  • Bianca 6 years ago

    So cute! and the perfect amount of colour to make you smile :)

  • Marjory Gardner 6 years ago

    I especially love the cushion, but I’m mad for the colours of both! Beautiful!

  • Mel 6 years ago

    so detailed… so beautiful!

  • KATE 6 years ago

    Mad for some stitching right now! So great.

  • Emma Lacey 6 years ago

    Oh I am in love.. Absolutely beautiful. Think I’d better pop into Safari Living!

  • Andrea 6 years ago

    How divine and made even more special by their creators and their stories.

  • Meg 6 years ago

    Impossible not to love!

  • Courtney 6 years ago

    I love embroidery how beautiful!

  • Ailish Lydon 6 years ago

    My gosh. SO adorable. I would love them and look after them forever xxx

  • Lizzy 6 years ago

    i know a particular to-be-mother who would love to be given one for these for her new bub :) x

  • Kara 6 years ago

    inspired and inspiring! Thanks, would love these.

  • Clare 6 years ago

    How cool! I would definitely be saving these for the little girl who lives next door and her soon-to-be sibling. I’d love to keep the heart cushion for me, but with two dogs, white just doesn’t stay white for long :/

  • Justine Mantel 6 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours and SO SO much work that goes into these…

  • Amy 6 years ago

    Love love love these! So happy and beautiful :)

  • Akshatha 6 years ago

    handmade has its beauty always and forever!

  • neddy 6 years ago

    Stunning! have swooned over Tractor Homes products for ages.

  • angie 6 years ago

    wow, I LOVE these, so clever, thanks

  • Anna 6 years ago

    ah these are amazing and the colours are so vibrant!

  • Siobhan Rogers 6 years ago

    So much work! I know from doing my own stuff how much time and effort would go into these beautiful softies.

  • Gaby 6 years ago

    I have coveted these beautiful embroidered pieces for so long now…..they are on the wish list gift-to-self. Such exquisite craftsmanship and the gorgeous colours! I would love to meet the people who make them. Lucky Megan :)

  • Lena Millar 6 years ago

    Not sure which I would keep and which one to give to my daughter…hmmm could i keep them both?

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    Love their work

  • Sarah Pammenter 6 years ago

    The detail is stunning! Love these xx

  • Liz 6 years ago

    I have such design envy – so beautiful!!

  • Marney 6 years ago

    My little girl turned 4 this week and she loves bright colours so much. As part of her present she is getting a new ‘big girl’ bed and these would look so lovely on the comforter :)

  • kathryn hall 6 years ago


  • Lizzie 6 years ago

    totally adorable i could hug a bear!

  • Ulanda 6 years ago

    So inspiring to see beautiful objects made with integrity and goodwill. I hope more businesses follow Heartworks Stitching Club’s lead.

  • Trish Southgate 6 years ago

    Love them, and from such a wonderful creative idea to benefit all.

  • Jennifer Kate 6 years ago

    I adore the style and admire the care taken to produce such beautiful pieces. These must have taken so long to create! I am so very inspired by the story behind Heartworks. xx

  • Sally 6 years ago

    Love the heart and teddy, so beautiful and original. It’s so nice to see hand made products rather than commercial mass productions.

  • Narelle 6 years ago

    These are delightful and would find a loving home at our place!

  • shaan 6 years ago

    what an amazing display of these ladies skills, absolutely beautiful!

  • Wendy 6 years ago

    The expression on the face of the bear……ohh, definitely needs a little boy to love him.

  • John B 6 years ago

    Oh baby!

  • Robyn 6 years ago

    such talent. both are so sweet.

  • Brave New Fiona 6 years ago

    They are beautiful and what makes them even more beautiful is how they came to be created. I would love to offer a loving home to these little beauties. xx

  • Lil 6 years ago

    WoW, the patterns & intricate stitching on these cushions are amazing!! Such happy & vibrant colourst too, very special x

  • leah 6 years ago

    Beautiful embroidery! They would look lovely in my daughter’s room.
    Fingers crossed!

  • Sandra D 6 years ago

    Designing my nursery right now so the bear and heart pillow would be a great inspiration to start with.

  • Ali 6 years ago

    Divine! My baby would love these… (when I say my baby… I really mean me) xx

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    My daughters would loooooove these cushions. So cute!! Thanks again Lucy xx

  • Bridie 6 years ago

    That image just brightened my day :-)

  • Jess Kav 6 years ago

    Oh bless, very cute!

  • Renee 6 years ago

    What a way to spread worldwide love…

  • Ang Glover 6 years ago

    so much detail – amazing.

  • Laila 6 years ago

    Spectacular crafting, the ladies in my Crafty Club would be simultaneously jealous and inspired, gorgeous.

  • Kate Dickson-Battye 6 years ago

    I love african crafts, traditional & contemporary. These pieces are no exception. They made me think about my own work, not to be so conservative, and go wild!

  • Gaz 6 years ago

    amazing handcrafted pieces – i love them!

  • ruth hickson 6 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful

  • Gill 6 years ago

    Such great colours for my little one’s room! Yes please!!

  • Candy 6 years ago

    I love the bear!

  • Joanne 6 years ago

    Wow what amazing work!

  • Giselle 6 years ago

    Beautiful! Objects with soul. Love.

  • Arora and Me 6 years ago

    Wow, beautiul work and a great business that empowers those who have so little.
    Thanks Tractor Home and TDF!

  • veronica 6 years ago

    Too lovely not to share – on my Pinterest boards today, and hopefully with my two girls as well.

  • Alison 6 years ago

    So, so beautiful! My cousin honeymooned in South Africa… I am hoping that giving her these beauties will encourage her to produce some children to play with them!

  • melissa bombardiere 6 years ago

    the bear perfect for my daughters room and the heart perfect for my room. beautiful.

  • xiaoyan Ley 6 years ago

    I know someone who would love to have them, my five year old daughter, Lucy.

  • Sandra 6 years ago

    i would love to see our little girls head resting on that heart pillow and her arm draped over the bear x

  • Alejandra Duschatzky 6 years ago

    Both will look stunning in my baby’s nursery!!!

  • meg 6 years ago

    Truly unique,vibrant and beautiful creations – as unique and amazing as the artists who create them in Cape Town,what a lovely giveaway.

  • Samantha Beale 6 years ago

    I love Tractor!
    Love the connection with the communities in Africa and the amazing people who produce these items that find their way over the seas to our homes.
    I love Tractor!

  • sally M 6 years ago

    so unique…

  • Kate Rogan 6 years ago

    Who doesn’t like a bit of hand stitching.
    I have just bought a new apartment and think there might be room for two more!
    Please send them to me!

  • ana 6 years ago

    my ma always loved to embroider but until now have always seen it as a really “nanny” pastime. i am inspired to take up a needle and thread and try my hand at decorating one of my boy’s teddybears.

  • Angela 6 years ago

    What beautiful work coming from the local women in Cape Town.

  • Beatrice 6 years ago

    Oh so lovely giveaway ! :)

  • Mandus 6 years ago

    I love bright colours so these are definitely for me!

  • kelly 6 years ago

    yes please, I would love to be entered into the draw to win these beauties ;)

  • Samantha 6 years ago

    Detailing is wonderful and what lovely colours!

  • Morgan Wills 6 years ago

    I love that they are all unique. It’s what makes them special. Gorgeous colours.

  • Tara Badcock 6 years ago

    Im such a sucker for anything embroidered and these pieces are so lovely and lively!! Hope Im lucky with this one, my 8 month old son would love them!

  • Kelly 6 years ago


  • Belinda 6 years ago

    Lucy! You just find the most awesome things. These are so sweet. I have to pop down to Safari and check them out.

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    How scrumptious. The colours are so vibrant I love, love, love it!

  • alice 6 years ago

    oh boy! what beautiful work. I need a bit of that in my life for sure x

  • suzy 6 years ago

    They are so beautiful! And great to know Tractor Home is stocked at I Ran the Wrong Way, I thought I’d have to wait until I’m in Melbourne next to see their things.

  • Donna Quirke 6 years ago

    Wow – stunning – wish I was that clever to be able to create something so beautiful – would be such a sweet present for my new nephew!

  • Patrice Virlombier 6 years ago

    Just devine. The colours make you smile!

  • Pippa 6 years ago

    Beautiful work! Would love to have them :)

  • Katie 6 years ago

    I fell in love with the bear and heart the minute I saw them. The colours brighten up my life!! Heading to Safari Living to see more asap!

  • carly & scarlet wood 6 years ago

    how divine. my little miss scarlet would just love love love these treasures. :o)

  • Joanne 6 years ago

    Uuummm, neo coloured beautiful! I want to go to sleep with these gems every night (Yes, I am an adult). Fingers crossed!

  • meredith 6 years ago

    so colourful and fun! I know if I don’t win I’m sure I’ll buying one (as a gift or for myself) in the not to far future!!

  • Debbie da Canha 6 years ago

    Oh Lucy, it makes me so happy to see the african talent being shared around the world! xxxx

  • jen hall 6 years ago

    yes please tractor home . i love the embroideries. xx

  • julia cox 6 years ago

    i inhliziyo that bear! (inhliziyo = heart in zulu!)

  • Sam 6 years ago


  • hannah 6 years ago

    so beautiful and unique. what special gifts they would make.

  • Bianca 6 years ago

    These are beautiful. I love the embroidery and the texture it creates.

  • Gem 6 years ago

    These are so beautiful! Just precious.

  • Carla 6 years ago

    Stunning detailing! They are beautiful!

  • Alice 6 years ago

    how stunning. its wonderful to be supporting these african communities.

  • sarah 6 years ago

    gimme, gimme, gimme

  • Sarah A 6 years ago

    I love the bear best, the perfect mix of gorgeous and crazy!

  • desb 6 years ago

    Have seen these in person! And you’re right, the pics dont do them justice! They are just DIVINE!
    I would heart these for my bedroom chair X

  • sarah 6 years ago

    Iwan Iwan Iwant

  • jessica 6 years ago


  • BS 6 years ago

    Me please!

  • Nichola 6 years ago

    I have recently been experimenting with embroidery and these are so inspiring! I love the heart cushion and the teddy would be perfect for my girl friends new baby. Good luck everyone! x

  • sarah 6 years ago

    me and the bear – we want to live together

  • Sarah 6 years ago


  • Sarah 6 years ago

    just beautiful.

  • Paul 6 years ago

    perfect for my new little one.

  • Leona 6 years ago

    The bear is just so great!!

  • Jenny Hills 6 years ago

    I will need to hide these from my son if I win….they are too cute I want them for myself!

  • Michael 6 years ago

    Love these – so would my little boy.

  • Stephanie Darling 6 years ago

    Bear and heart goodness, yay! Pick me!

  • Elizabeth 6 years ago

    You go girls!

  • desb 6 years ago

    My newborn niece would adore these SIMPLY STUNNING!!

  • desb 6 years ago

    oh it really would make my day!!!

  • sarah 6 years ago

    he & me, we heart eachother

  • Clealala 6 years ago

    Ooo my bear Ooo mon coeur! Lovely!

  • Stacey 6 years ago

    I heart the heart cushion!!

  • Jennifer 6 years ago

    These are so bright and beautiful, I need some color in my home

  • Jasmin 6 years ago

    Just so lovely!

  • Amelia 6 years ago

    Goodness me, that heart cushion is amazing!

  • lulu 6 years ago

    There is so much going on on these objects for you imagination to run wild while you cuddle/rest your head.

  • Robert Lacey 6 years ago

    These would look beautiful in my new little one’s room.

  • E-Gene 6 years ago

    Beautiful. Wish I had access to such exotic locations.

  • cathy 6 years ago

    Not only are the cushion and the teddy beautiful to look at it also such a wonderful idea behind the product. I’m all for handmade; uniqueness and ethical practice.

  • annie 6 years ago

    Yes Please!

  • Lauren 6 years ago

    So beautiful, the embroidery and applique are lovely

  • jes 6 years ago

    love. so beautiful!

  • charis 6 years ago

    SUPER CUTE! I lurveee the embroidery!

  • Nicole 6 years ago

    Ooh, they would be perfect gift for my cute little teeny weeny cute-as-a-button new born nephew, Elijah. Love them.

  • margaret 6 years ago

    thank you mandy for making sure that our special bears and love hearts are all around australia – we just love what we do – we make each item with love for you – thank you thank you all the way from cape town

  • ka chaminda 4 years ago


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