Megan Park – Designing at Megan Park HQ

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 16th March 2011

Congratulations to Zhen who won the double pass to the Megan Park LMFF Runway and gift vouchers – thank you again Megan for the generous giveaway!! Today we get an insight into the design process at Megan Park HQ and see some close-ups of the Winter 2011 collection. – Jenny x

Sketches from the Winter 2011 range

I work on the collection with my design team – namely Janan and Meg (yes another Meg!  We call her ‘little Meg’). Janan works on the shapes and silhouette of the collection whilst Meg is responsible for creating the gorgeous painterly prints that are always injected into our collection. I focus on the embroideries and am the creative director of the collection. We work together amazingly as a team which is important given the intensity of the design process.

Janan draping on the stand

Megan at the begining of the new collection

Together with the team we begin by pulling together our palette for the season which sounds simple but can be an arduous process. The deliberation of what tone of black can be given quite a lot of attention sometimes!!

Fabrics from the current winter range and little meg at work with her paintbrush!

Embroidery details

For Winter 2011 we wanted an inky black collection with injections of colour added in through the prints and through the jewel like beadwork.  I wanted the collection to feel rich and decadent for evening but still to feel fresh, easy and casual for day.

Megan x

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 16th March 2011

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