Elke Kramer – New Range and Giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 15th March 2011

Stunning new pieces from Elke Kramer‘s new Autumn / Winter range – Colour of Wind.

Oh my. ELKE KRAMER has done it again.  She’s just launched her Autumn / Winter 2011 range (entitled ‘Colour of Wind’) and it is soooooo pretty.  Who knew she could possibly improve upon the much-coveted Spring / Summer range?!   While the new collection covers Elke’s signature spectrum of incredible rich colours – from deep moss greens to chartreuse, amber and ‘snake red’…. I’m seriously feeling the earthy, understated neutral palette above.  SO Beautiful.

One of my absolute favourite pieces from the new range is the bobbly ‘Clustered Visions’ ring, which comes in various colourways.  LUCKY for us, sweet Elke has offered one of these beauties for a lucky TDF reader!  (Can hardly keep up with all the giveaway action around here).  The Moss Jade, Malachite & Moss Opalite Resin with Rose Gold Plated band (pictured below) is up for grabs… simply leave a comment on this post today to be in the running!

The winner will be drawn at random and contacted tomorrow by email.

*UPDATE – thanks so much for all your fabulous comments!  The winner has now been drawn – comment #78 was randomly selected.  Congratulations to Sassy-Jane, enjoy your ‘Clustered Visions’ ring!!

ps) Elke’s stockists Australia-wide are listed on her website. They include the NGV shop, Obus, Fat and Glitzern in Melbourne, and Incu in Sydney.  She is also now stocked internationally, only at two of the coolest shops in the universe – Colette in Paris and Opening Ceremony….  WOW that’s impressive work Elke!

Elke’s new ‘Clustered Visions’ ring in Moss Jade, Malachite & Moss Opalite Resin with Rose Gold Plated band, RRP $80.  Leave a comment today to be in the running!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 15th March 2011


  • These are stunning! Heading to her website now for a longer look.

  • Connie 6 years ago

    Her work is lovely! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Ness 6 years ago

    So amazing. Thanks Lucy and elke!

  • Pamela Oberman 6 years ago

    This is truly stunning and different jewellery, I would be honoured to wear it on a daily basis – my thanks to the architect of contemporary jewellery – Pamela Oberman

  • Trace 6 years ago

    if there was one ring to rule them all… this would be it!!!

  • meeri 6 years ago

    Love it!!!!!!!!

  • LAURA ZAVROS 6 years ago

    Truly beautiful.

  • Piia H. 6 years ago


  • mimi la sardine 6 years ago

    Special and beautiful

  • Beth 6 years ago

    Oh my! that ring is craaazzzzzy beautiful!

  • melissa bombardiere 6 years ago

    loving the colours of her new collection.
    count me in!!

  • Barbara Fisher 6 years ago

    Such a beautiful ring! We are lucky to have such giveaways.

  • ana 6 years ago

    the diversity of materials and her keenness to not walk the line make elke one of my favourite jewellery designers – i would eat my son’s nappy to win her ring!

  • Jane Riley 6 years ago

    That ring is stunning – what a lovely giveaway!

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    I would just love one of those rings… and it’s my birthday today so it would be a great gift!!!

  • Sars 6 years ago

    Love love!

  • Mads 6 years ago

    Love it!!
    Count me in thanks x

  • kate 6 years ago

    Lovely. She kicks goals every time. Go Elks.

  • Anna 6 years ago

    Beautiful jewellery!

  • Pippa 6 years ago

    I love the use of rose gold, with the rich colours, perfect! Thanks, would love to win :)

  • Gem 6 years ago

    Such a gorgeous ring!

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    Such an innovative and beautiful colour palette, as always!

  • neddy 6 years ago

    Stunning and love the colours!

  • Alison 6 years ago


  • Joshua 6 years ago

    Would love to get these

  • Jessie 6 years ago

    So pretty! I love how that ring would go with anything!!

  • Jeanmarie 6 years ago

    Utterly gorgeous. Old-world glamour. Thanks for sharing.

  • Anna 6 years ago

    Love it! thanks for sharing the new collection

  • Courtney 6 years ago

    So pretty, I love her new palette!

  • Anna 6 years ago

    love it!

  • Kellie 6 years ago

    Yes please!

  • Nick 6 years ago

    Elke is such a talented designer from her choice of materials, to her play with colour and texture, she inspires ! Each piece is a work of art, I’d adore to wear her beautiful Clustered Visions ring for a time, before handing it down to a lucky daughter, or niece in future………Bravo ! Sublime, as always. N

  • Hat 6 years ago

    Love Elke’s work. And would love to win this!

  • Jackie 6 years ago

    Gorgeous…would definitely brighten up the impending cold Melbourne winter!

  • leah 6 years ago

    Elke is an amazing designer. Thanks for the early Tuesday morning inspiration…

  • Shelley 6 years ago

    Oh, I love it! Does anyone remember that 80s film, The Labyrinth? Reminds me in a way of the crystal balls David Bowie’s character would juggle. So delicate and magical.

  • Kimbalee 6 years ago

    so very very gooooooooooooorgeous. xx

  • caro 6 years ago

    stunning. elke’s pieces look so fun to wear!!

  • Linnea 6 years ago


  • Justine 6 years ago

    Wow, so very beautiful

  • Lou 6 years ago

    Just beautiful – I would want to wear this ring tenpin bowling – love it !

  • kay wooff 6 years ago

    beautiful range of jewellery,she deserves to do well with it

  • sandra 6 years ago

    Me Please!!!

  • Jo 6 years ago

    Some gorgeous pieces!

  • Zinnia 6 years ago

    The colours and design are beautiful…the perfect piece to wear this winter!

  • Stephanie 6 years ago

    I am such a fan of Elke Kramer. What a gorgeous collection

  • Emma 6 years ago

    Wow – bewdiful work. Loving the collection muchly.

  • Elise 6 years ago

    Have seen these in the flesh and they are spectacular!!

  • Emily 6 years ago

    Pick me!!

  • Olivia 6 years ago

    Such a pretty band, love the rings too xx

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Divine! What a talent!

  • Gloria 6 years ago

    precioso! this is precious delicate art pieces to wear! love them!

  • Anna 6 years ago

    Great colours. I’d love one :-)

  • Christina 6 years ago

    I’ve bought several Elke Kramer pieces over the years and judging from the new range, I’ll continue to do so – keep up the great work!

  • Micha 6 years ago

    Super lovely

  • Charmaine 6 years ago

    Oh my her work is stunning!.

  • Daisy 6 years ago

    I am such a fan of Elke’s work. And once I did that embarassing thing of gushing to her when I served her in a shop, but she was really lovely about it. A star all round!

  • Kelly 6 years ago

    how does she do it? everytime you think she surely must have exhausted her creative capital on last season’s collection, it is superseded in amazingness by the next one!

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    wow the summer range was gorgeous…could this be better? Lucky us.

  • Roberta 6 years ago

    I’ve had these rings on my wishlist since my birthday last December. I would be over the moon if the Design Files and Elke Kramer could make my wish come magically true.

  • Laura 6 years ago

    Amazing work! Absolutely stunning!

  • Bridie 6 years ago

    I’m working on quite a collection of Elke Kramer pieces – so stunning.

  • kelly 6 years ago

    swoon! – rose gold and shining orbs, love it!

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    What a gorgeous piece of art, it would make a lovely Wedding Anniversary present to myself for a special day tomorrow…I’d even let my Husband pass it off as his own gift to me!!

  • priscilla 6 years ago

    This range is really cool, especially love the cluster rings! Go Elke!

  • Lauren 6 years ago

    Elke is an inspirational designer. I love her bold pieces. Just love!

  • kat white 6 years ago

    Wow, very unique jewellery! Love the ring!

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    Such a stylish piece. Could imagine it being the focal point of many a conversation. Adore it!

  • Clealala 6 years ago

    a little cloud of happiness on my finger would be lovely:)

  • Lizzie 6 years ago

    i’ve been hankering for a piece of her work for a while now – very talented lady.

  • Susie 6 years ago

    What beautiful colours – it’s stunning!

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    This is stunning! I would love to own it.

  • Imogen 6 years ago

    I would love to be a proud owner of such beautiful jewellery!

  • Jan 6 years ago

    Wow, stunning! Love to be in the running.

  • Fiona 6 years ago

    I’m off to the website too – what a treat.

  • Belinda 6 years ago

    I was just looking at one of your previous posts about Elke Kramer when you posted this! Love her work.

  • Bec Smith 6 years ago

    I might just die with these colours on my hand.

  • Sassy-Jane 6 years ago

    Gorgeous jewellery! Gives new meaning to the phrase ‘statement piece’! Love!

  • Phoebe 6 years ago

    Absolutely stunning. That cuff is heavenly!

  • Lisa Di Crescenzo 6 years ago

    Elke Exquisite!

  • Janette 6 years ago


  • Jacqui 6 years ago

    big love!

  • Sally 6 years ago

    WOW!! So unique and so stunning!

  • Carla 6 years ago

    What a beautiful design from the wonderful Elke, gorgeous colours! I want I want! I shall spend the day dreaming of potentially owning it….

  • KATE 6 years ago

    Have coveted her work for a long time now. This new collection is great!

  • ruth hickson 6 years ago

    Beautiful, just in time for winter

  • juliet 6 years ago

    OMG i love the clustered visions ring! SO amazing

  • Sarah Brest 6 years ago

    Elkes done it again! Another beautiful range, full of new favourites for winter!

  • Clare 6 years ago

    Beautiful stuff! I can so see it all working with my Gorman LBD.

  • Laila 6 years ago

    Splendid colours and geometry – but of course!

  • Jess Kav 6 years ago

    Very pretty xx

  • Rebecca 6 years ago

    Wow I really like the unique design and geometry is awesome. Thank for the chance to win!

  • Barbara 6 years ago

    What a unique, inspiring designer and the ring is a little beauty. The website is fantastic too. Jade green please….xx

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    love… and green’s my favourite colour

  • Cathg1g2 6 years ago

    This is my thing, not for just this season but forever. Gotta love chartreuse anything, the colour, the word…the jewellary1

  • Elizabeth 6 years ago

    I love unique jewellery, especially for it’s timeless quality a lovely offer, must go to the NGV to look at Elke’s range regardless…

  • Priscilla 6 years ago

    I love Elke!! Great website too.

  • msd 6 years ago

    Mmmm malachite…


  • Lizzy 6 years ago

    always love elke! such an amazing talent. x

  • Ami bassett 6 years ago

    How beautiful! I have a stack ring from the last series. This new range would look perfect with it! She has truly outdone herself!

  • Su 6 years ago

    Love the colours together!!

  • sarah 6 years ago

    Thank you.
    Love, love and love.

  • Betra Fraval 6 years ago

    Love everything Elke makes!

  • Kylie 6 years ago

    Would love to wear that beautiful ring…fingers crossed!

  • Lil 6 years ago

    So fabulous, great colours, beautiful detailing. Elke’s jewellery is always so truly unique!

  • Hollie 6 years ago

    Wow! That is a beautiful ring! Love the colours! I really quite like the necklace too! Gorgeous!

  • imogen 6 years ago


  • Michelle 6 years ago

    So Inspiring!

  • Sdg 6 years ago

    The ring is stunning!

  • Lyndal 6 years ago

    such a cool ring, i’m pretty fussy about jewellery but would wear that all the time.

  • Katie Frederick 6 years ago

    How delicious! Wouldn’t we all love a knuckle-duster like this!

  • julie b 6 years ago

    lovely colour palette

  • Toni 6 years ago

    lovely! the ring is exactly the piece i would pick to buy.

  • Gemma 6 years ago

    ooh! i love!

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    I would love one thanks Lucy!!! xx xx

  • Helen Stanish 6 years ago

    Love her designs!! Yes Please x

  • Bianca 6 years ago

    Such beautiful colours – yum!

  • emma g 6 years ago


  • Karin O'Grady 6 years ago

    How amazing are the colours! Would love to win this ring!!

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    Love the jewellery – and would love the ring. Have just started wearing rings and am ‘stealing’ from my daughter’s collection.

  • Ms Peabody 6 years ago

    I love this brand, the site, the styling the jewels, fingers crossed…

  • G Patrick 6 years ago

    So beautiful!! I don’t wear a lot of jewellery but this I will!!!

  • Lydia B 6 years ago

    Absolutely love the Clustered Visions ring!

  • india 6 years ago

    amazing structures and colours. Nice blog.

  • jen hall 6 years ago

    i just love!!!!!!!! please make it mine…xx

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    simply gorgeous!

  • Kim Lu 6 years ago

    How divine and beautifully exquisite! Would definitely be a vision on my finger! :)

  • Nik 6 years ago

    Wow, such GORGEOUS jewellery… and the ring is the absolute best! Spotted the white one first and scrolled down for more info… So glad you brought it to our attention!

  • Kylie J 6 years ago

    So gorgeous!

  • Isabel 6 years ago

    Rose gold accents… how did you know that’s my favourite?? So happy to see the beautiful ivory and rose gold combinations. Delicate, whimsical, divine!!

  • lucy 6 years ago

    just divine … yes please!

  • Ali 6 years ago

    beautifully inspirational! :)

  • Melanie BakerGill 6 years ago

    I have been reading your blog for so long, and have come to anticipate beautiful objects but these are truly Bijoux. Well done Elka and thanks again Lucy!

  • marion 6 years ago

    i love her use of rose gold, subtle and different

  • Binky 6 years ago

    Amazing! I absolutely love it.Well done Lucy and Elke.

  • Mystica 6 years ago

    I love the color combinations used.

  • Elisha 6 years ago

    The one I was looking for !

  • Georgia Hill 6 years ago

    Ah, just gorgeous. I’ve been a fan of Elke’s for far too long, it’s so good to see a designer creating genuinely unique pieces with each season that still maintain her own style when trends are easy to follow. Love!

  • Emma S 6 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous ring!

  • Maddy 6 years ago

    These cluster rings look even more delicious than kellogs crunchy nut clusters!

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    Oh yes please, I could definitely love wearing this ring.

  • Chrystie 6 years ago

    count me in! Looks stunning.

  • suzanne 6 years ago

    I love the colour combo in the Clustered Visions ring, those colours are gorgeous together.

  • Amber 6 years ago

    Absolutely stunning!!!

  • kim 6 years ago

    beautiful mix of shapes and textures. love the greens in that ring

  • elouise 6 years ago

    often wondered what colour the wind was myself!

    pick me!!!

  • Alexandra 6 years ago


  • Erin Hoey 6 years ago


  • paul 6 years ago

    give it to the boy .. na… I don’t need it.

  • Chris 6 years ago


  • hannah 6 years ago

    oh the ring is just stunning. love the colours too. so talented.

  • Gill 6 years ago

    Perfect new gems! Would love to win.

  • Debbie da Canha 6 years ago

    wow, 152 comments already! well its worth a try… I LOVE the ring!! its beautiful and not to mention the rest! simply gorgeous xxx

  • joyjoy 6 years ago

    Just stunning! fingers crossed

  • Kirsty Eckard 6 years ago

    These are just gorgeous! Amazing!

  • Hilary 6 years ago

    Simply gorgeous.

  • Mimi K 6 years ago

    What a stunning range.

  • Catherine H 6 years ago

    SQUEEE. Yes please.

  • Ladesha 6 years ago

    whoa, so cool.

  • Margie 6 years ago

    How delicious

  • Kiki 6 years ago

    Some very nice pieces

  • kathryn 6 years ago

    gorgeous colours – love it!

  • adele 6 years ago

    love! yes please :)

  • Kate Lewis 6 years ago

    Beautiful stuff. Love it!

  • Kerri 6 years ago

    Love it – just my colours.

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    Love it! I love the necklace, Brilliant colours!

  • Lauren 6 years ago


  • Hayley M 6 years ago

    What a talent! And what a great excuse to start updating the winter wardrobe!

  • Paula 6 years ago

    SO love this ring….lovely 80 year old Uncle just bought me back a Malachite necklace from Africa….This would look amazingly fabulous with it.

  • Sandra 6 years ago

    love the expressive design and palette! elke’s thoughtful jewellery is truly beautiful ♥

  • Lam 6 years ago

    I want it I want it!

  • Lam 6 years ago

    I want it! I want it!

  • Natsu 6 years ago

    This prize was worth logging on for, thanks for the offer.

  • sweet like a lolly 6 years ago

    Am clustering my visions of owning this – gorgeous!

  • Stephanie Darling 6 years ago

    I love statement jewellery! Fingers are crossed!

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    I have a big cluster of desire for that lovely cluster ring !

  • mria 6 years ago

    Leaf litter colours!

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    So very beautiful – love the colours!

  • E-Gene 6 years ago

    Great looking jewellery. The wife will love it.

  • Kirsty 6 years ago

    Looks good enough to eat.

  • Lauren 6 years ago

    Love how original some of her pieces are!

  • Maria Healey 6 years ago


  • Belinda 6 years ago

    Another great giveaway……. Yeah!

  • Emily 6 years ago


  • Mummageorge 6 years ago

    Love the bracelet with the rose gold, darks and lights. Yearn for those dingly dangly earrings too.

  • Ash 6 years ago

    So amazing. She always uses the most amazing colours and shapes. Thanks Lucy and elke!

  • elissa c 6 years ago

    Oh wow. Every collection, she outdoes herself. Gorgeous!

  • Annalisa Giudici 6 years ago

    Beautiful, expressive jewellery Elke. And the cluster ring is like lots of little bliss balls. Love it.

  • Judy 6 years ago

    Oh Elke, how I would love to wear your dancing gems. They’re a delight.

  • Rosa 6 years ago

    Cluster Ring is HOT!! Colours and spatial design and concept are inspiring. I would love this ring – what an amazing talent!

  • kate g 6 years ago

    unique, beautiful, <3

  • Vesna 6 years ago

    I adore the clustered visions ring! just stunning!

  • Katie D 6 years ago

    I think my dreams have come true… my heart skipped a beat!

  • Rosa Coy 6 years ago

    love love love that clustery ring!! Clever girl.

  • B 6 years ago

    Just wow, need this!

  • Flipflipmeheidi 6 years ago

    Ohhh, So Lovely!!!

  • Nicola 4 years ago

    Wearing this divine ring everyday would make me think of our surrounding planets and our place in this greater universe. Just lovely . I smile when I see it.

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