Christmas Wishlist – Megan Morton

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 21st December 2010

Megan Morton’s Christmas wishlist – beautiful. (itemised below!)

When you ask Megan Morton to help you out with something, the result, in 99.9% of cases, is likely to far exceed your expectations.

This Christmas wishlist is a case in point.  A flippant and very last-minute remark from me – “Hey M, wanna email me your Christmas wishlist for the blog?” somehow resulted only a few days later in this  beautifully curated collection – perfectly balanced in just the right proportions of cute, quirky, handmade and super posh.  Each item is described with accompanying captions so delicately witty and entertaining I could barely bring myself to edit.  What can I say?  MM was made for this stuff.  Her genuine and heartfelt enthusiasm for each and every item on this list drips so elegantly off the page… it’s an effortless and beautiful thing.

It’s true what they say, money can’t buy good taste. But you can borrow MM’s this Christmas.

Megan Morton’s Christmas Wishlist!

Clockwise from top left (with captions by Megan!)

1. My obsession with bentwoods is long documented. What I am dying over right now is bentwoods with painted sox. Now, there are wonderful examples in many stores and houses – this is a beautiful royal blue with smart timber feet. Supernice.

From Thonet.  prices start from $360.

2. Is everything The Lowercase do incredible? It seems so. It’s early days, but this couple (ex design/publishing) are making some online waves with their whimsical take on stationery, treats for the table and gifting. I love the frame-able card (each with their own stand) and the paper placemats. Spot on.

From $29, online at The Lowercase.

3. Sweet. A crumpled city map. From Design For Use.  I’d like to have them all.  All the world’s top spots crumpled up in a bag. What a nice way to digest a city. Washable as well. Well, I never…

From Design For Use.

4. Fluoro for the bed. Rachel Castle is the master of colour and her latest offering in fluoro is the perfect summer addition to the whitest of all white beds. So bright it will make you feel more tanned than you are*. If you want more than a fluoro pillowcase though, Santa might bring you the new three large spot fitted sheet (your choice of yellow, grey or charcoal) – created in response to everyone saying, “Thanks Castle for the pillows/doona/flat sheets – but how about a fitted sheet?”. Its here and its dead set cute. $135 from www.castleandthings.com.au.

Castle, you nail it every single time. Genius. *plus you’re a little nice ‘n tanned yourself.

5. I love this captain’s mirror from Maison Luxe.  We have just ordered a couple for a client’s house. How beautiful above a pair of bathroom vanities? Not too manly, or overly feminine either, it would be perfect in a shared space. About $900 with shipping to Australia. Sweet.

6. Is it soap? Is it shampoo? is it sealer? is it cleaner? it is ALL of these things and it should be called miracle soap not Savon Noir (black soap). Made by Bauwerk from the hulls of black olives, you won’t believe what properties this gelate contains. 1 litre is just $33, from www.bauwerk.com.au and you just wont believe its goodness. If you love your house, you need it. It does everything. Even the dog. Promise.

7. Everyone in the styling world loves the store Izzi & Popo. They trade in vintage and well edited stock from all over, but it’s their distinctive fine eye that sets them apart from other stores who deal in similar genres. Owners Bernadette (an ex textiles designer) and clever husband Harry truly have South Melbourne’s loveliest store. They travel the world serving it. But what many people don’t know is Bernadette’s outrageously lovely linen offering, called Frank & Mint. Please trust me when I say this. Linen sheeting is divine. Sleeping in it is super special – and to think you can do it everyday is the best. (not to mention achieving that faintly beautiful `scrunch’ look every morning with minimum effort).

Frank & Mint’s linen is special for a few reasons. 1. It’s great value for real linen. (Trust me here, I am like the Choice magazine guide to linen!) 2. The colour palette shows Bernadette’s love of the vintage in perfect tones of steel, white, burgundy, slate and all of those other lovely sludgy colours. 3. The best thing I discovered when washing mine (new baby = many loads of washing) is they get better and better after each wash. Priced from $60 (they go up all the way from there) but compared to other linen offerings, Frank & Mint is the bomb.

8. Non helium handmade balloons. I die. I have so many spots for the cloud and the heart and the rainbow. I really could take them all. Inspired by her childhood days at the fair, Clementine Hernion defies the word craft with her faux helium beauties. They all have a small hook for mounting on the wall… I mean, can you imagine your fireplace with the mountain range or your nursery with the bonbon?! A small selection available from Third Drawer Down.

9. Velvet mini cushions. Simple and sure there are a lot of them floating around, but I never tire of them or their sweetness.  Mustard and grey minis at 35cm x 50 cm are my picks. From Linen and Moore, $47 each.

10. Yes, I know its expensive but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful. People have spent a lot more on far uglier.  For the right house, this would be a worthwhile investment. People would say, ‘oh that’s the house with the lovely hanging chair in it’. It will improve your house value easy.

I often thought this chair wasn’t for me. Being tall I thought my legs would awkwardly drag on the ground. I then thought my ground would be too dirty to even hang it above with bare feet, and then I sat in one. Oh no, this chair is so for me. SO much me. I can think of three points at my place that this seat will work and one day, I will nominate which out of the three suits my afternoon sun the best and I will get it. And I will be happy. So happy. It’s called ‘Eureka’ by Vittorio Bonacina. I call it love.

It’s true, it does cost over $5000. From Dedece.

11. Most of the time, our family gift is a new game of Jenga, This year, I want to up the anti. We have enough board games. We have some blank walls. We love horses.  Now, I preface this by saying that I would give up ten Christmas gifts in a row to get one of Roberto M. Dutesco’s photographs. Huge in scale, they are stolen and incredible moments from the wild horses of Sable Island. I love horses and this one in particular is an absolute favourite. My father is a horseman. In a Sliding Doors life I would too, like to live with horses. The power, the majesty, the strength, they are incredible animals to observe. Kissy kissy from these two, Robert has also caught some incredible shots of other horses in the pack in flight, in a tustle, taking in some R & R and other incredibly human moments. The work lives in one of my favourite galleries in New York,  Dutesco Art.

12. The Knot ring. I love its simplicity. Yet it comes in the red and gold box with panther detailing. Thank you Cartier for making such an un-Cartier and super chic ring.

Available in three types of gold (white/rose/yellow), it is so stunningly simple, I think it’s breathtaking. It reminds me of the way French women show their marital status. Never showy, never ott even if they can be, just so understated. The Knot. Oh please Santa. Please.

For more MM musings and gorgeous gift ideas, head to Megan’s beautiful blog – Homelove!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 21st December 2010


  • Megan 6 years ago

    Oh Juicy Lucy, I blush! I’m off for the year as of today so what a nice online send off. Can’t wait for 2011 .. I mean really!!!?? I can’t wait for next year and everything. Thank you for having me as a TDF Christmas Lister – happy holidays, happy everything to all!!mmx

  • Megan 6 years ago

    Oh Juicy Lucy, I blush! I’m off for the year as of today so what a nice online send off. Can’t wait for 2011 .. I mean really!!!?? Thank you for having me as a TDF Christmas Lister – happy holidays, happy everything to all!!mmx

  • nadine 6 years ago

    frank and mint may start at $60 but $400 for a fitted sheet and $630 for the doona cover. that’s crazy talk.

  • laura 6 years ago

    those chairs are on my christmas list too!!! and such a good idea to leave the bottoms natural.

  • Rennae 6 years ago

    The bedding is divine, LOVE the colours – of the linen, the paint and the stain on that chair, divine. Is that horse imagery really photography? I would love to see something like that as a japanese brush-painting – a gigantic mural of course! love it all. R

  • Sonia 6 years ago

    Your thought on the cartier ring is so nice, in a world of giant stones with no sparkle (or just bling), so sweet to see a ring that is lovely and understated at the same time. Merry Christmas x

  • Alex 6 years ago

    Glen Hunt, a local photographer, also has AMAZING horse photos for sale. He has been with the horse herders on the steppes of Mongolia, the horse festival in Bali, in Spain, I could go on. And his work is incredible.

  • megan 6 years ago

    thank you alex, i love horse and horse photography. i will try and google glen to see his work. amazing – horses in mongoilia, spain and bali. so wonderful. mm

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    I’m going for those foldable city maps. Put me down for Paris. Considering maps usually end up looking like this by the end of the day, it’s nice that these ones are supposed to look like this. Also love the City Border wallpaper that the link took me too. How wild. Paris again, thanks.

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