Kyle and Steph De Kuijer’s beautiful studio apartment – top image features cushions from the pair’s textile label Holly Daze on the couch, Ikea Expedit bookshelf (who doesn’t have one?), bottom image features Kyle’s own artwork.

DIY in-built bookshelf, functional fireplace (found under layers of plasterboard!), vintage laminex dining table and chairs… and that’s the corner of the bed on the right-hand-side…

The gorgeous Alexander Girard figurines were a wedding present (Steph and Kyle were married earlier this year). Also LOVE the oversized lolly (banana and teeth) sculptures by local artist Katie Jacobs.

Top – Kyle’s intricate pencil drawings hang above a 50′s sideboard… bottom – Steph’s vintage ceramics.

Vintage industrial letters and toy cars collection

Right. So last Wednesday when I featured Kyle and Steph De Kuijer’s gorgeous shop Five Boroughs in Brunswick, I promised you would also LOVE their home. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Is it not completely FABULOUS?

You’ll love it even more once you learn that:

b) It’s a bedsit / studio (ie no separate bedroom)
a) It’s a rental
c) It looked nothing like this when Kyle and Steph moved in – they’ve painted, they’ve re-wired, they’ve ripped off plasterboard and render to uncover a functional fire place, they’ve built custom bookshelves to fit existing dead alcoves, and created a beautiful courtyard in a tiny concrete patch only 3m square…. it’s a truly incredible transformation. Proof that even the tiniest, most limited space can become extraordinary with a little love and attention…. (and a lot of elbow grease!). Shhh…. don’t tell their landlord!

Not surprisingly, much of Kyle and Steph’s furnishings are 50′s inspired… there’s also a lot of Kyle’s own artwork on the walls, ceramics and artwork collected by Steph, Holly Daze cushions… and then there’s the cars! Kyle walked me through to his garage (pretty much the same size as the apartment!)… and I was gobsmacked to see two original American vintage cars (don’t ask me their names!), both of which he’s in the process of restoring back to their original glory… Is there nothing these guys cannot make / create / improve upon ??

Thanks so much to Steph and Kyle for sharing their beautiful pad! If you love their style you’ll love their store… do pop in to Five Boroughs in Brunswick if you get a chance! (They also have a blog here).

Ceramics on the kitchen dresser. The Mexican blanket is only for winter, Kyle says!

Steph’s Beautiful oil painting above the bedroom cabinet was inherited from her family. Holly Daze cushions on the couch.

Pebbles + pavers + mismatched vintage furniture + potted plants and a BBQ = beautiful courtyard oasis! Love it!

Lovely little collection of plants and nik naks at the kitchen window.

The garage! I am so excited to include something that might appeal to the blokes out there (are there any blokes out there?). Kyle is painstakingly restoring his vintage Ford… love that paint job! Inside is spotless shiny red with white detailing. (But no seats – yet!)