SoHi Magazine – inaugural issue!

The Pfahl House on the outskirts of Bowral – photographed by Julian Wolkenstein

Southern Highlander Tamara Maynes‘ beautiful work for her Six Week Boutique is featured in the first issue

Rebecca Wolkenstein is one particularly efficient multi-tasker. You might remember I profiled Rebecca’s creative agency here a while ago… and then of course there’s her ingenious creative house-swapping website Caravan, which has grown in leaps and bounds since it launched only a few short month ago! (Caravan also generously sponsors The Design Files – please share the love and pop over to check out all the incredible homes that have been listed in the last couple of months!)

ANYWAY Ms Wolkenstein’s latest stellar side-project, in collaboration with likeminded Southern Highlands-based creatives Sarah King and Sara Silm, is SoHi magazine. It’s a beautiful, visually rich, yet supremely understated quarterly publication which documents the creative people, places and seasonal happenings in NSW’s Southern Highlands, where Wolkenstein lives with her husband and 2 kids. Fashion, architecture, food, craft and the seasonal garden will be beautifully captured and covered in each issue.

All SoHi’s editorial decisions come back to three core values – inclusive, SLOW and community. Of course, there is also always a link to the Highlands region. The project is funded by advertisers, however the editors are very selective, mainly relying on relevant tourism and retail advertisers – such as Plane Tree Farm and Bemboka Blankets. Rebecca and co. made a decision early on that they would not take advertisers in real estate, motoring or anything environmentally unfriendly – and they give 10% discounts to anyone with mindful business practices! …. in other words – no loud, ugly classified or endless real estate pages! This uncompromising commitment makes for a truly inspiring, beautifully edited read.

There’s been such a buzz about the SoHi launch issue… I keep reading lovely ‘tweets’(?) about it on Twitter… and after receiving my copy last week I can absolutely see why!

The magazine is printed in a limited edition of 2000, however all content from the mag can also be read online at Don’t miss it!

Sue Blakebrough’s house in Mittagong – photographed by Julian Wolkenstein