Inside Out Sept/Oct digital edition

Inside Out Sept/Oct – Beci Orpin’s workspace, photographed by Sharyn Cairns

Hey friends! I feel the need to just take a mini-moment to say thanks so much for reading The Design Files :) It is such a wonderful thing to have people tuning in everyday just to see what I’ve posted. You guys are the bestest! I truly appreciate your readership, thankyou!

OK now onto things. Did you KNOW you that Inside Out magazine is available to read online here? It doesn’t include every article (makes sense, otherwise why would you buy the current issue?) …but still, it’s a very generous cross section of around 50% of the current mag’s content. What an exciting discovery! The digital reader also offers the option to print pages you like, or save the whole mag as a PDF. You can click directly on all embedded URL links (awesome), and you can browse back-issues all the way back to 2007!

Am I the last person in the universe to know about this? Is it common knowledge…? And more importantly… are OTHER magazines available as digital editions too? If so I feel a whole new avenue of online procrastination opening up!

Inside Out Sept/Oct digital edition – this story photographed by James Merrell, styling/production Maureen Vivian