Style Rookie – 13 yr old Tavi

OK so this is not entirely design related. But bare with me because you will truly love this. Promise.

Style Rookie is the fashion blog of US just-turned-13-year-old girl called Tavi. It is amazing. It is utterly hilarious. I am not usually into fashion blogs but Tavi is the most precociously fantastic writer.

Tavi seems to be slowly taking over the fashion world.. if she’s not receiving freebies from well-known fashion brands, she’s being invited to high-profile fashion launches/openings (she usually declines), and she’s been interviewed by Interview Magazine and featured in Teen Vogue etc etc. (in her Teen Vogue Interview Tavi recommends – ‘Dress however you please and embrace rude stares. It means that what you’re wearing isn’t boring!’)

This girl is seriously going places. She totally knows her stuff… and, refreshingly, she doesn’t buy into the fashion industry fluff factor. Instead, her writing is tongue in cheek, laugh-out-loud witty, and delightfully sardonic.

Anna Wintour better watch her back…

ps) Tavi’s funniest post ever is here. Ahhhhhhhh sooo funnnyyyy. x