Annette Ringrose’s gorgeous paper rose heart, hanging on display at the Food and Wine festival in Melbourne last week.

Melbourne-based props maker extraordinaire Annette Ringrose can make pretty much anything. Usually using not much more than polystyrene, cardboard and a gluegun. She often makes props for TV advertisements, private events and corporate functions… incredible things like oversized fruits, crazy costumes, table centrepieces and once she even made a giant engagement ring (for a very romantic wedding proposal). She also makes particularly great chocolate-chip cookies.

I have to share Annette’s gorgeous oversized paper rose hearts, made for a display at the Melbourne Food and Wine festival last week. She made around 36 huge paper roses, carefully cutting and curling and spray-painting each petal, before gluing them around a painted polystyrene ball, then attaching them all to large ply-wood hearts. Aren’t they gorgeous!?

Here Annette shares some photos of the rose-making process step by step! So clever. Thanks Annette!!

Annette also works at The Prop Store in Melbourne. Next time you need some amazing prop or oversized custom-made incredible thing for your corporate function / wedding / kid’s 21st / whatever – Annette’s your lady!

Step 1 – painting the polystyrene balls for the centre of each rose. Step 2 – cutting out each layer of petals.

Step 3 – more cutting and curling of petals. Step 4 – attaching petal layers to each polystyrene ball.

Step 5 – Attaching roses to heart templates.

Annette with her creation!