Photos for Australian Travel and Leisure Magazine Christmas Gift Guide 2008, styled by Megan Morton, paper-sculpture by Benja Harney, shot by Sydney photographer Dieu Tan.

I’ve had more than a few star-struck moments in the last year thanks to this little blog! I can’t quite believe how many lovely, super-talented people The Design Files has put me in touch with… it’s a beautiful thing :)

A couple of weeks ago, I magically found myself in the most incredibly stylish home in Toorak, popping open a bottle of champagne with none other that my all-time favourite Australian props/interiors stylist Megan Morton!

I am still recovering from the excitement! Deep breaths.

Megan was (is) even more fabulous and wonderful than I could have imagined. Truly. She was so friendly and open and generous in conversation… sharing with me so many fascinating details about her job, her creative colleagues and her incredible body of work. I feel very lucky to have spent an evening in Megan’s company. She is just so lovely! We hit it off immediately (I can’t imagine anyone not hitting it off with Megan, by the way). Our conversation was kind of like a breathless, excitable school-girl gossip session… ie “oh my gosh, the colours are amazing… you will DIE!” etc etc.

It would have been rude and ridiculous to tape-record our conversation or take notes… (and I was doing my best to be polite!)… but I wish I could remember word for word, the frenetic stream of conversation…. Because it was all absolute gold. I left with my brain full of names and details to Google (wish I could still remember them all!). But the main thing which struck me about Megan – aside from her incredible body of work and endless list of exciting projects and clients and collaborators – was that she is just so infectiously passionate about her craft. She talked about styling in terms of ‘taking a house, and putting it’s best foot forward… making it as delicious as it can possibly be‘… perfect.

The whole experience was entirely surreal… not just because Megan was so amazingly fabulous… but also because we met at the most incredible Toorak mansion, which Megan was house-sitting whilst in Melbourne for a week. (Apparently, if a home is this fabulous, house-sitting is known as ‘chaperoning’ the home, and is an insurance requirement!?). This massive, ridiculously beautiful home was designed by Melbourne architect Rob Mills, and Megan had recently styled the place for a photoshoot, kitting it out in the most stunning furniture from Hub and De De Ce. *Sigh.

Anyway, I appear to be gushing (as usual!)…. But I thought I would share some beautiful shots Megan sent me last week, which she styled for the Travel and Leisure gift guide last year. This is a collaboration between Megan and her paper-forming friend Benja Harney, and was shot by Sydney photographer Dieu Tan.

ps) don’t worry… an interview is in the works…!