Photography by Gemma Comas – via the SusyJack* blog

I’ve made a couple of new blog discoveries recently… don’t cha just love discovering a new blog? Just to add another 5 minutes to your morning net-surfing? YES you know you do!

Gorgeous product finds from the Hey Susy* blog

Currently I am LOVING Hey Susy* – the blog of NY artist and designer Susan Connor. She just seems to pull together the most beautiful images… great product finds too – and how about those colours? Ahhh.

Also be sure to visit Susan’s online store SusyJack* for a small-ish but truly gorgeous collection of papergoods… including my favourites below…

2009 Deluxe wall calender by SusyJack* – you can separate all 12 pages and hang in a row for colourful wall coverage! US$34.00

Demi Notebooks by SusyJack* – only US$9 each!

Valentine’s day card by SusyJack*

Second new discovery this month was A Cup of Jo (YES I know, I can hear you saying “you didn’t know about a Cup of Jo?” – what can I say….? Too busy blog-writing, not enough blog-reading). Joanna Goddard’s hugely popular blog was another ‘instant bookmark’ for me. (She also writes a very entertaining relationships blog called Smitten for US publication Glamour)

Recent favourite a Cup of Jo musings etc include -

-her new years resolution to dress more like a French Woman (here and here)
-her gorgeous engagement photos (she already looks like a French woman to me…)

Jo’s engagement photos by Max Wanger.