The Greenhouse at Fed Square – painting above the bar by Melbourne artist David Bromley

crates of growing strawberries stack to form one exterior wall (how do they water them?)

The Greenhouse interior – chairs and floor made from reclaimed materials

More shots from the interior – haybails line the walls and ceiling… Joost’s handwritten notes about sustainability remind visitors to consider their own carbon footprint. Generous bunches of white peonies add a decorative touch.

The Greenhouse exterior jutting out from Federation Square on Flinders St.

Apparently The Greenhouse by Australian/Dutch florist/installation artist Joost Bakker has been at Fed Square for 3 WEEKENDS already. I am still trying to comprehend how I was unaware of this until Three Thousand brought it to my attention last week. Shame shame. I don’t know quite how this marvelous concept and striking installation in such a prominent location could have flown under my radar for over two weeks. Is it just me?

The whole project was conceived by Corina Baldwin of Melbourne events company BTTB (that’s Bigger Than Ten Bears), and in collaboration with her friend Joost Bakker, comes to life as a living, breathing example of sustainable design. The temporary structure has been constructed by Lexon Constructions primarily from recycled waste materials – read more about it here.

Anyway, the photos speak for themselves really – the concept is brilliant, the execution is stellar, and the whole thing is 100% temporary – so you really have to check it out before it vanishes into thin air January 29th.

Oh, and if that’s not enough to convince you, check out the coffee – it comes in a jam jar. Love it! :)

I could not have been any more excited when my muffin came on a chunk of reclaimed particle board, and my coffee in a jam jar. Details details.

The roof deck upstairs is home to many vegies and herbs used in the kitchen below… spotted above – nasturtiums, parsley, silverbeet(?) and a bay tree….