beautiful wedding invitation by Brooklyn-based design studio Linda + Harriett (who also have a lovely blog)

As always, there is much gorgeousness over at the Design*Sponge guest blog this week. The current guest blogger is Brooklyn based interior designer Vane, of Brooklyn Bride, and you guessed it, there’s a bit of a wedding theme going on there at the moment….

I always love looking at images of wedding styling… BUT before all the anti-marriage people pounce on me, it’s not because I am itching to walk down the aisle myself (far from it!)… It’s purely an aesthetic interest! I think it’s just the girly girl in me that gets excited about things like lavish flower arrangements, custom-designed stationery and decorative table dressings…

Vane’s stationery round-up is especially gorgeous…. My favourite images are below. (more over on the guest blog). Beautiful beautiful beautiful.

invitation by Brooklyn-based design outfit Swayspace

another lovely invitation idea by Swayspace

This gorgeous calligraphy by Jenna Hein of Love, Jenna – original article here